Apple Cinema Display LED (27-Inch)

The Apple Cinema Display LED (27-inch) is meant to companion the laptops with a Mini DisplayPort (earlier Macs aren’t supported): the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, as well as desktops featuring the same very port. It has an anodized aluminum casing with a slight bezel (but wider than that of its predecessor), and is mounted on an aluminum stand with an adjustable hinge. 

Apple 27-inch Cinema Display Unboxing [Video]

Video uploaded by Jon Rettinger on November 15, 2010.

Apple Cinema Display LED (27-Inch)

The screen is covered with an antiglare glass that is .75-inch-thick. The display also meets the Electronics Standards Association’s (VESA) mounting interface standard and can be mounted on a wall or an articulating arm. It is an active-matrix LED-backlit glossy display with IPS technology, and has a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, with an ambient light sensor, an integrated three port USB hub, an iSight web-camera with a mic, as well as a 2.1 speaker system. It also has an octopus cable with three connectors (Mini DisplayPort, MagSafe, and USB 2.0) and therefore, can only be plugged into an Apple laptop.

Release Date

July 27, 2010.


  • Code name: Cinema Display.
  • Frame material: Anodized Aluminum.
  • Display type: TFT LCD.
  • Display size: 27-inch.
  • Format: “wide-screen”.
  • Optimum resolution (in pixels): 2560 x 1440.
  • Supported resolutions (in pixels): 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720.
  • DPI/PPI: 109.
  • Dot/Pixel Pitch: N\A.
  • Max. display colors: 16.7 Million.
  • Viewing angle: 178 degrees horizontal, 178 degrees vertical.
  • Response time: 12 ms.
  • Brightness: 375 cd/m2.
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1.
  • Ambient light sensor: Yes.
  • Built-in audio: 2.1.
  • Built-in camera: iSight.
  • USB 2.0: 3.
  • Firewire: No.
  • DVI: No.
  • ADC: No.
  • Mini DisplayPort: Yes.
  • MagSafe: Yes.
  • Power: 250 W.
  • Supported MacOS: 10.6.4.
  • Dimensions: 19.35 x 25.7 x 8.15.
  • Average weight: 23.5 lbs.

Apple Models, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Model Number: A1316.
Apple Part Number: MC007LL/A.
Discontinued: July 20, 2011.
Original Price: $ 999.00.


Setting Up 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display

Users had to follow these steps to set up the display:

  • Remove the protective film from the display and cables.
  • Insert the power cord into the display.
  • Then, insert the AC plug into a grounded power outlet.
  • Plug the MagSafe connector into the MagSafe power port on the MacBook, in order to charge the battery and provide power to the computer.
  • Connect the USB cable to the computer so the display’s built-in iSight camera, microphone, speaker system, and USB ports are functional.
  • Connect the Mini DisplayPort cable to the computer.
  • Press the power button on your computer to start it up. The display turns on automatically when the user starts up the computer.

Setting Up MacBook with Lid Closed

While working or playing, users can close the lid of their MacBooks and use just their Apple LED Cinema Display. Make sure the MagSafe connector from the display is plugged into the MagSafe power port on the MacBook.

To use the Apple LED Cinema Display with the MacBook lid closed, proceed as follows:

  • Connect an external USB keyboard and mouse to a USB port on your display, or use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant to set up a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Make sure the MacBook is turned on.
  • Close the lid on the MacBook to put it to sleep.
  • Wait a few seconds, then press any key on the external keyboard or click the mouse to wake the MacBook.

Use Built-in iSight Camera and Microphone

Users could use the built-in iSight camera and microphone to capture still images, video, and sound by using applications such as iChat, iMovie, and Photo Booth.

To set up the camera and microphone with iChat, users should proceed as follows:

  • In the Dock, click the iChat icon to open the iChat app.
  • Choose iChat > Preferences.
  • Once in Preferences, click Audio/Video.
  • Choose Display iSight from the Camera pop-up menu.
  • Choose Display Audio from the Microphone pop-up menu.

Setting Up Sound Input and Output

You can listen to music, movies, games, and multimedia files through the speaker system on this display. You can also use the microphone to record sounds, or talk with friends using iChat. Sound preferences were to be used to manage sound input and output.

To set up sound input on the display:

  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu,
  • Click Sound.
  • In Sound preferences, click the Input tab.
  • Choose Display Audio to input sound through the display’s microphone.

To set up sound output on the display:

  • Choose System Preferences from Apple menu.
  • Click Sound.
  • Click the Output tab in Sound preferences.
  • Choose Display Audio to hear sound through your display’s speaker system.

If the Mac supports sound output through the Mini DisplayPort in addition to the USB port, users can choose either Mini DisplayPort or USB Audio for audio output. These sound settings are used whenever your computer is connected to your display. They remain in effect until the user changes them.

Detailed Information

apple cinema display 27 inch - Apple Cinema Display LED (27-Inch)
Model IdentifierN/A
Model NumberA1316
Part NumberMC007LL/A
FamilyLED Cinema Display
Dimensions19.35 x 25.7 x 8.15 in
Weight23.5 pounds
Display Size27 inches
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  • The 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display was designed to work seamlessly with any Mac computers that has a Mini DisplayPort connector. It featured an LED-backlit widescreen display, a MagSafe connector to charge the MacBook computer, a built-in iSight camera, a microphone, and a speaker system.
  • The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the intensity of the light in the room.
  • Manually, brightness as well as color temperature, gamma, and contrast can be adjusted in OS X Display Calibrator Assistant with expert mode on.
  • The display can be tilted but not pivoted or swiveled. The screen height is also unavailable.
  • The newer Thunderbolt Display used the same design as the 27-inch size Cinema LED Display.
  • See Apple Cinema Display Error Codes for details about possible issues with Cinema Display LED (27-inch).



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