Apple Watch: How to Block and Unblock Contacts

How to block and unblock contacts: Apple Watch allows to block a particular contact so that person will not be able to get in touch with you. Use the Friends screen in the Apple screen on iPhone to perform the action. When you block a contact, you block all the telephone numbers and all email addresses in the contact record. But you can then unlock individual phone numbers or e-mail addresses, leaving the other numbers and addresses blocked.

Add & Delete “Friends” on Your Apple Watch [How-To] [Video]

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How to Block and Unblock Contacts

  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Apple Watch to view the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch to display the My Watch screen.
  • Tap Friends to display the Friends screen showing the current contacts’ assigned friend status.
  • At the bottom of the screen tap Blocked, and the Blocked screen will appear.
  • Tap Block Contact to display the Contacts screen.
  • You can tap Groups to change the groups displayed.
  • You can search for a contact by tapping Search and typing part of the name.
  • Now tap the contact you want to block and the Blocked screen will appear again. The blocked contact appear on the Blocked list, showing a separate button for each phone number and each e-mail address.
  • To unlock a means of contact, swipe it left. The Unlock button will appear.
  • Tap Unblock and the means of contact will disappear from the Blocked list.

You can also tap Edit to open the Blocked list for editing: Tap Remove to the left of a means of contact to display the text Remove button. Then tap Remove. When you finish editing the list, tap Done.

  • Tap Friends. The Friends screen appears.

Note: Blocking a friend works in the same way as blocking a contact. The friends still appears in the Friends list, unless you remove the name. But the blocked friend cannot contact you via any of the means of contact that you have blocked.

A Few Additional Tips about Contacts on Apple Watch

Question: What to do if all your friends on your Apple Watch have been accidentally blocked? How can you unblock all your friends on the watch?

Answer: To unblock your friends: First at all, check if Airplane Mode is active on your iPhone. Disable Airplane Mode if it is active. Then, on your iPhone, go to the Watch app, once there head to: My Watch > Friends > Blocked. Then swipe left on each name in the list and tap on Unblock. If your friends are still blocked on your watch, you should check that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your iPhone. For this, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and go to Settings > Wi-Fi. If Bluetooth and Wi-Fie are enabled on iPhone, check that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone. To check the connection, swipe up on the watch face, swipe left/right to the Settings Glance, check whether Connected or Disconnected. disable Airplane Mode if it is active). After unblocking your friends (on your iPhone in the Watch app, as detailed above), you can force your contacts to be erased from and re-synced to your watch. For this, on your iPhone go to the Watch app. Then go to My Watch > General > Reset > and tap on Reset Sync Data. Note that nothing will appear to happen when you tap Reset Sync Data, but the process is invisibly to the user as it runs in the background. Allow a minute or so afterwards before you see the results.

Staying in Contact with Friends

The Apple Watch makes it easy it to stay in contact with friends. To add or remove friends to or from your contacts list, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and proceed as follows:

  • Tap on My Watch.
  • Tap on Friends.
  • Tap on Add Friend to choose your friends from your Contacts list.

Note that in watchOS 1, you can only add up to twelve friends. watchOS 2 will let you add multiple groups of friends.

Use the Digital Crown to move around your circle of friends, then tap on the one you want to contact.

Selecting Friends on Apple Watch

Once you’ve added your friends, it will be easy to select them:

  • On Apple Watch, push the friends button.
  • Use the Digital Crown to move around your list of friends.
  • Tap on the friend you want to contact. After you tap on a friend, you’ll see options for calling, texting or using Digital Touch to contact them.
  • If the friend you’ve tapped is using an Apple Watch, you’ll see a small icon appear on their screen. Tap that icon and then tap the small information button on the bottom right of the screen to see how to send a Sketch, Heartbeat or Tap to your friend.

Block people on Apple Watch

You can block people from your contacts list from contacting you on your Apple Watch. To do this:

  • On your iPhone open the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap on My Watch.
  • Tap on Friends.
  • Tap on Blocked.
  • Tap on Block Contact. A list of contacts will appear and you can tap on the you want to add to your blocked list.

Contacting friends is faster on the Apple Watch

I think Apple has done a very good job at making it easy to manage friends and enemies on the Apple Watch. Even if you’re totally new to the Apple Watch, it takes just a few minutes to get your friends set up and to block your enemies from contacting you.



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  • 10.29.18 These steps are no longer of any use as Friends is no longer a feature in the Apple Watch.

  • You could and should write a guide about how to block phone numbers on iPhone (and AppleWatch for that matter).

  • This is useless! Is there still a way to block someone from contacting you on Apple Watch?

  • Did anyone find out how to block a contact on Iphone watch when ‘friends’ is not an option on watch app??

  • On you iwatch go to the contact icon. Scroll to contact click on it. Scroll down “block contact”.

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