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Apple Watch has a few essential built-in productivity apps. To make the most from the device, you may want to add third-party apps that provide more functionality. You may need a calculator app for quick calculations, an app that enables you read and take notes, a remote presentation app, and so on. As Apple Watch capabilities improve, new features are being added. Here come a few of these useful apps, many of which enable user to implement the Getting Things Done methodology (GTD for short), record audio on Apple Watch, and even apps to facilitate shopping online.

The 8 Productivity Apps You Should Download ASAP! [Video]

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Productivity Apps on Apple Watch


The Evernote app lets people access their Evernote account directly from Apple Watch. You may tap a note on the Recently Updated list to open and read one of your recently updated notes. You can create a new note by tapping New Note on the app’s home screen. You can also fource-touch the screen within an existing note, and then tap New Note on the Options screen. You can search your notes by tapping Search on the app’s home screen. Then you can dictate your search terms.


The Keynote App for Apple Watch enables the user to control the Keynote app on iPhone remotely. After the user has opened a presentation in Keynote on iPhone, the user can use the Keynote app on Apple Watch to control playback. Only one button, the Next button can be seen on the screen. You can force-touch the screen to reach the Back command, as well as Exit Slideshow command on the Options screen.

PowerPoint Remote

Users can control the PowerPoint app on iPhone with the PowerPoint Remote app for Apple Watch. You open the presentation in PowerPoint app on iPhone, but you can use PowerPoint Remote to move along the slides. Users can force-touch the screen to display the Options screen, which contains the Restart command and the End show command.


The OneNote app for Apple Watch allows the user to access the content in the OneNote notebooks which the user has stored on Microsoft’s OneDrive service. Users can browse and read the notes. To create a new note, tap New on the app’s home screen, then dictate the text for the note. OneNote stores the notes in the Quick Notes folder, where the user can easily access them on other devices.


This easy to use calculator app enables the user to perform straightforward calculations on Apple Watch. To access operations, you can use Calculate feature must force-touch the screen. You can use the Convert feature to convert the US dollars in Euros, pounds to kilograms, miles to kilometers, Fahrenheit to Centigrade. The calculator the Tip Calc feature that provides a discreet way to calculate tips.


This app is a task-management app that runs on OS X on a number of Apple devices, such as iPad, , iPod touch, iPhone and Apple Watch. OmniFocus syncs data either via your account on its dedicated service or on a WebDav server of your choosing (a corporate server, for example). It is possible to use OmniFocus either for Getting Things Done methodology or for your own organizational system.

You can quickly access your past-due tasks, the tasks for today, the upcoming tasks in the Soon perspective, the flagged tasks, your inbox. The user can add a new to the inbox by force-touching the screen and then tapping New Item on the Options screen.


This task management and reminders app helps you to organize all your tasks. Apple Watch enables you to easily browse your lists (Work list, Personal list, etc.). You can also review your tasks and mark some of them or all of them as complete. You can as well add new tasks by dictating their content. On Apple Watch, the Clear app also enables the user to sort the tasks and to set a reminder for an existing task.


This app is a task-automation app for iOS. Using this app on iPhone, you create a series of predefines actions (a workflow) that can accomplish a specified task when the user taps an icon. You can add calendar events and reminders, you can a map location, record an audio, select photos and more. The Workflow app gives you a wide range of options when you combine them.


Wunderlist app runs on multiple platforms. This app helps you assign tasks to other people (as well as others can assign tasks to you). This app lets you create and manage your own tasks. Wunderlist is very straightforward to use. From the Home screen, tap Inbox. In the Inbox, tap Today to view the tasks due today, tap Starred tasks to view the tasks you marked as important. To view the tasks assigned by other people to you, tap Assigned to Me.


The app developed by CulturedCode company enables you to follow GTD principles or to enable your own system. Things stores data online in its Things Cloud Service. You can sync your tasks easily across your devices. On Apple Watch you can view tasks, mark them as complete, edit them, adding notes, due date, postpone to another day, etc.


Working on a variety of platforms, Trello app is useful for organizing tasks. The app works on the principle of a whiteboard, but takes this principle much further. After you create an account on the Trello service, you will be able to create multiple boards to organize all your projects.

To record your ideas, create Trello cards and assign them to the appropriate boards. You can keep the board to yourself or invite your fellow colleagues to work with you on it. On Apple Watch you can view your notifications, display the cards that are due soon, go to your recent cards. On Apple Watch you can create new cards, assign them to specific locations or reply to comments from your collaborators.


Uber app enables the user to request a ride on the Uber private-driver service. After setting app your account in the Uber app, using your iPhone, you can specify the pick-up location, observe the Uber vehicles which are nearby or request a fare estimate to your destination. You can see the approximate time the Uber car will take to reach you and place your request for a ride.


The Do apps helps people to organize and run meetings. You install the Do app on iPhone or Apple Watch, and you create an account on the Do service. The company offers free accounts for personal use with plenty of features. A Business plan subscription is for people who plan to use Do seriously. You can then start setting up meetings either by importing your existing calendar events or by specifying the meeting details manually on iPhone or on the app’s Website. On Apple Watch, you can see the details of your upcoming meetings. You can also display the agenda and follow the meeting keeping it on track and on time.

Awesome Voice Recorder

On Apple Watch, you can record audio directly using this easy to use app with a straightforward interface. Then you can play this audio back on Apple Watch. The Awesome Voice Recorder for Apple Watch syncs its recordings to iPhone, where you can easily play them back at different speeds (half speed or double speed), and manipulate them. Note that the free version of Awesome Voice Recorder is supported by ads. You can get rid of them by upgrading to the Pro version.


The Amazon app enables you to search for items on the Amazon website directly from Apple WatchéTo perform the search, you dictate your search terms, and then tap Done. Then the app returns a list of results. You can browse them one by one on the Apple Watch screen. After you locate an item, you can save it to your Wish list for future reference. Alternatively, you can use Handoff to transfer the current page to iPhone, where you will be able to see full product details and reviews. You’ll be able to purchase the product if it matches your needs.


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