Apple Watch: Receive Phone Calls

Apple Watch enables you to see who is calling and to deal with the call, when iPhone receives it. You can accept the call and conduct it via Apple Watch. Or you can decline the cal to send the caller to voice mail. You can mute an incoming call, silencing the ringing (to give yourself time to decide whether to accept the call or decline it).

How to Receive Phone Calls

Accepting a Call

When somebody’is calling, the iPhone receives a call, and Apple Watch plays the ringtone. It also displays the caller’s name or phone number.

  • Tap Accept and iPhone connects the call.
  • If you want to change the volume, tap Quieter or Louder, or turn the Digital Crown.
  • The call duration appears on the screen.
  • Tap Mute if you want to mute the call.
  • Tap Unmute when you need to unmute the call.
  • Tap End Call to end the call. The Call Ended screen will appear for a moment and thenn the watch face will appear.

Declining a Call

As in the previous case, Apple Watch will play the ringtone and display the caller’s name and phone number, when iPhone receives a call.

  • Tap Decline.
  • Or double-click the Digital Crown to send the call to voicemail.
  • Apple Watch declines the call and the call goes to voicemail.
  • The Call Declined screen appears for a moment.

Muting a Call

When Apple Watch starts ringing and displays the caller’s name or phone number, place your hand over the screen just for a second or two, and Apple Watch will mute the ringing.

Now you can answer the call by tapping Accept or decline the call by tapping Decline.

You can also mute a call by placing Apple Watch against your clothing for a second or two, so the clothing fully covers the screen. Alternatively, you can place Apple Watch against your face briefly. Usually, people place the Apple Watch screen against their thigh to do this, but if you are flexible enough, you may be able to use your upper body instead. So you can mute a call using your free hand.


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