Apple Watch: Remote for iTunes

Apple Watch includes a Remote app. That app allows you to control iTunes on your computer.But before you can use the Remote app to control iTunes, you must set Apple Watch as a Remote in iTunes by entering the passcode that the remote app displays on Apple Watch.

How to Set Up Apple Watch as a Remote for iTunes

  • Lift the wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • Click the Digital Crown to open the Home screen.
  • Tap Remote to open the Remote app.
  • Tap Add Device, and the Passcode screen will open. It will show the passcode you will need to enter in iTunes to set up Apple Watch as a Remote.
  • On your computer, click now Devices in the iTunes window (the devices window varies depending on the devices connected). The list of the connected devices will show. You’ll see any iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod connected.
  • Click the icon for Apple Watch. The text for this icon shows the name you have assigned to Apple Watch.
  • The Add Remote for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod touch, iPad screen appears.
  • Tap the passcode shown on Apple Watch.
  • Now the iTunes window shows the following message: Your Remote is now able to control iTunes.
  • Click OK.
  • Now you can use Apple Watch to control playback on iTunes on your computer.

How to Stop Using Apple Watch on iTunes

You can make iTunes forget all remotes.

  • In iTunes on your computer, open the Preferences window (click iTunes and then Preferences on a Mac. Click¬†Edit and then Preferences in Windows).
  • Click Devices in the Tabs bar.
  • Devices Preferences window will open.
  • Click Forget All Remotes.
  • When iTunes displays a confirmation dialog box, click Forget All Remotes in this box as well.
  • Now you can set up any remotes you want to use.



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