Apple Watch: Sync Music

Users can load music on Apple Watch so they can listen to it. Users can play music through Bluetooth devices such as headphones or portable speakers. Apple Watch can store up to 2GB in music or up to 250 songs. You can configure the music limit to suit your needs. You can then load music by syncing a playlist from iPhone.

How to Choose Which Music to Sync to Apple Watch?

  • On iPhone press Home.
  • When the Home screen appears, press Apple Watch.
  • When the Apple Watch app opens, tap My Watch.
  • On the My Watch screen tap Music.
  • On the Music screen set the Show in Glances to on to show the Music Glance in Glances. This is helpful for controlling playback.
  • Tap Playlist Limit to open the Playlist Limit screen.
  • Tap Storage or Songs, depending on how you want to set the limit.
  • In the lower area tap the limit you want, such as 125 songs (if you chose Songs) or 2.0 GB (if you chose Storage).
  • Tap Music to open the Music screen.
  • Now tap the Synced Playlist to view the Synced Playlist screen appear.
  • Tap the playlist you want to sync.
  • The Sync Pending readout will appear on the playlist.
  • Connect Apple Watch to its charger within Bluetooth range of iPhone, and the syncing will start.
  • Tap Music. The Music screen appears again and the readout shows the progress of the sync.

Note: Syncing music to Apple Watch can take several minutes for each song. You may find it best to set Apple Watch to sync playlists when you leave it to charge overnight.



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