Apple Watch: Activity tracking – what you need to know

The Activity app enables you to see you make a progress toward the Move goal, the Exercise goal and the Stand goal for the day. Apple Watch tracks your activity, that’s your movements, and translates them in calories burned, time spent on exercises, whether the user meets the target of standing for at least one minute in an hour. The Activity app includes charts that show your activity for each hour of the day.

Apple Watch and your activity tracking – what you need to know

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and view the watch screen.
  • Click the Digital Crown, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Activity, and the activity app opens.
  • When the Activity screen appears, the red circle will show your progress toward the Move goal.
  • The green screen shows the progress toward the Exercise goal.
  • The blue circle shows your progress toward the Stand goal.
  • Another circle, the overplaying one shows that you have exceeded your goal.
  • Swipe left, and the Move screen appears, showing your progress toward the Move goal in calories.
  • Swipe up, and the Move chart will appear, showing your calorie burn as a column chart over the hours of the day.
  • Swipe left, and the Exercise screen will appear, showing the progress toward the Exercise goal in minutes.
  • Swipe up to view the Exercise chart showing the minutes you exercised in the various hours of the day.
  • Swipe left, and now the Stand screen will appear, showing your progress toward the goal of standing for one minute in each hour.
  • Swipe up again, and the stand chart will appear, showing which hours you stood for a minute.
  • Click the Digital Crown to see the watch face.

Activity Complication

The easiest way to see your Activity status is to put an Activity complication on the Watch face. A certain number of Activity complications are available for different positions and watch faces. They range from a tiny three-ring graphic to the text complication which enables the user to see directly on the watch face the number of calories you have burned, the number of minutes he or she has exercised, and the number of hours they have stood. Whichever Activity complication the user adds to the watch face, it is possibly to tap the complication to go straight to the Activity app for full details.

How To Track Your Activity on Apple Watch

As the Activity App on Apple Watch transfers the movements data to iPhone for storage and analysis, the user can use the Activity app on iPhone to view his or her past activity and to view the achievements. That’s the awards the Activity app bestows upon the user for his or her new personal-best statistics. The Health app on iPhone enables you to review your fitness data.

  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Activity to open the Activity app, showing the data for the current day.
  • Swipe up to view the Move, Exercise, Stand data.
  • You can view your Move data and your Exercise data by hour
  • Swipe up, and the stand chart, the Workouts data, the Steps information will appear.
  • You can see now much hours you stood for at least a minute.
  • Tap a Workout to view the workout’s details.
  • Among other data, you can view your average heart rate for the workout.
  • Tap History, and the current month’s screen will appear.
  • To see the previous month, swipe down.
  • Tap a day to view its data.
  • Tap Achievements to display the Achievements screen, showing an icon for each award you have earned.
  • Tap an icon, and the award’s details will appear.
  • Tap Achievements to display the Achievements screen again.

How to sync Today’s Activity Data from Apple Watch to iPhone?

If Apple Watch and iPhone are connected, Apple Watch syncs the current day’s activity data to iPhone through the day. The device does it automatically. If the iPhone is far from Apple Watch, Apple Watch monitors your activity and catches up with iPhone afterward when the devices are in range again.

If the Activity app on iPhone does not show the current activity data from Apple Watch, enable Airplane Mode on Apple Watch or on iPhone for a minute. Disable then Airplane Mode, and when the devices reconnect, Apple Watch will sync activity data to iPhone.


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