Apple Watch: Using AirPlay

Apple’s AirPlay feature helps you to play music through remote speakers or a remote sound system, if that system supports the AirPlay standard. On iPhone you can stream music to speakers. You can also stream music, videos or photos, as well as other content to an Apple TV. You can use Apple Watch to control AirPlay on iPhone.

How to Use AirPlay

Play Music From iPhone to an AirPlay Device

If Apple Watch claims that iPhone cannot find an AirPlay device, you may need to establish the AirPlay connection manually on iPhone.

  • Raise your wrist to wake Apple Watch, and the watch face will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Music and the Music app will open. If the Music app displays a screen other than the Music screen, tap the button in the upper-left corner one or more times to display the Music screen.
  • Navigate to the music you want to play. For example, tap Now Playing. The song will appear.
  • Force-touch the screen to open the Options screen.
  • Tap AirPlay to open the AirPlay screen.
  • Tap the AirPlay device you want to use. Now iPhone will start playing music on the device you tapped.

Troubleshoot the iPhone Can’t Find an AirPlay Device Error

  • If the message iPhone Can’t Find an AirPlay Device to Connect To appears, press Home.
  • When the Home screen appears, tap Settings.
  • On the Settings screen, look at Wi-Fi and verify that iPhone is connected to the network the AirPlay device is on. If not, tap Wi-Fi to display the Wi-Fi screen.
  • Then tap the correct network.
  • Swipe up rom the bottom of the screen. Control Center opens.
  • Tap AirPlay, and the AirPlay screen will appear.
  • Tap the AirPlay device you want to use.
  • Tap Done, and Control Center appears again.
  • Tap above Control Center closes. You can now set the music playing using Apple Watch.

Note: Apple Watch can’t play music directly to AirPlay speakers. It can play music to paired Bluetooth headphones or speakers, instead. The AirPlay feature on Apple Watch is limited to connecting iPhone to an AirPlay device.



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