Apple Watch: Using Handoff

Apple’s Handoff feature enables the user to start a task on one device and the continue it on another device. By using Apple’s Handoff, the user can answer a call in the Phone app on Apple Watch and then transfer it to iPhone so that you can complete it more confortably. Similarly, you can start and instant message on one device and then complete it on the other device.

How to Use Handoff From Apple Watch to iPhone

When a phone call comes on iPhone, Apple Watch receives it, plays the ringtone and displays the caller’s name or phone number.

  • Tap Accept on Apple Watch. Now iPhone connects the call, you can begin talking to the caller via Apple Watch.
  • On iPhone, press Home. Or you can press Sleep/Wake to wake iPhone. The lock screen appears.
  • The Phone icon appears in the Handoff area, thus indicating that the user can use Handoff feature for the Phone app.
  • Next drag the Phone icon upward. iPhone picks up the call via Apple’s Handoff feature.
  • When you finish the call, tap End Call, and iPhone will end the call.



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