Apple’s Clips iOS App

Clips is a new iOS app which allows users to make fun videos on their iPhone and on iPad, and share them with friends and family members. Clips allows users to add text, graphics, visual and sound effects, and more. Adding content with Clips is quick and simple. The user just records it on the spot, and grabs a video clip or photo from her or his library.

Clips iOS App

Clips recognizes who is in the video you created, and makes smart suggestions for sharing. The user can just tap a name to send their video using Messages, or post it to their favorite platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social networks.

Live Titles lets the user easily create animated captions, just by talking as the user records. With Live Titles, the user can choose from a variety of personalized styles, which are perfectly timed to the sound of the author’s voice. This feature lets users create animated captions and titles using just their voice. Fun effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes, and full-screen animated posters. With Live Titles in Clips, users can add animated captions and titles using just their voice. Captions are generated automatically as a user speaks, and appear on the screen perfectly synced with the creator’s voice. Users can mix and match different styles, and tap any title to adjust text and punctuation, or even add emojis. Note that Live Titles supports dozens of languages.

The user can also pick a flattering filter, drop in an emoji, and apply overlays like speech bubbles and arrows. It is also possible to set the mood with music that automatically adjusts to the length of the video.

According to Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing, Clips gives iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through video, and it is incredibly easy to use – “The effects, filters and amazing new Live Titles we have designed for Clips let anyone make great-looking, easily sharable videos with just a few taps.”

Briefly, Clips lets users create multi-clip videos on an iPhone or iPad without timelines, tracks, or complicated editing tools. The user just touches and holds a single button to shoot live video and photos, or add them from the Photo Library. Next, the user can add artistic filters, speech bubbles, shapes, emojis, full-screen posters with animated backgrounds, and customizable text.

As for music, Clips has dozens of music soundtracks to choose from, and they automatically adjust to match the length of a video.

Curiously enough, when sharing with friends in Messages, Clips can suggest who to share with based on the people who appear in the video, and the people a user shares with most often. When a suggested name is selected, Clips inserts the video right into Messages so it is ready to send with one tap.
Clips is compatible with iPhone 5s and later, the new 9.7-inch iPad, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad mini 2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Devices must be running iOS 10.3 in order to use this feature.



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