Color Monitor IIe

Apple Color Monitor IIe was manufactured by Apple Computer for the Apple II personal computer line. This monitor was later renamed to AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe. This monitor provides higher resolution than standard video or television screens, and provides a cost-effective solution for users who require color display and 80-column text. It is compatible with all Apple software.

Color Monitor IIe

The ColorMonitor IIe, later renamed AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe was designed to fit into the grooves on the top of the Apple II, II+, and IIe computers. This monitor has no swiveling option.


Introduced in September 1985.

  • Type: Shadow mask CRT-based color or gray monochrome (selectable).
  • Size: 14″, 13″ diagonal viewable. The 13-inch screen provides a large display area for easy viewing.
  • Display: High-resolution color graphics, 80-column text in monochrome, or color graphics with text in a 40-column format.
  • Fixed Resolution: NTSC. Can work composite video output instead of RGB output.
  • Color: White.

Apple Order

Model number: Color Monitor IIe: A2M2056. Apple Color Composite Monitor IIe: A2M6021.


  • The Color Monitor IIe had no swiveling option.
  • Users plug the monitor into the video jack of their Apple IIe, Apple II Plus, Apple II, or Apple IIc computer. No need for special cards or adapters.
  • On this monitor frequently used controls were easily accessible behind a protective door on the front of the monitor. Those less frequently used buttons were located on the back.


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