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These questions and answers will help people who have never used Apple Watches, as well those who’d like to expand their knowledge about these nice devices and their particular characteristics, tricks and other useful or just amazing information.

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FAQ About Apple Watch

What is the Difference Between Resetting Apple Watch and Erasing it?

Answer: Resetting Apple Watch is similar to restarting it. However, if you reset Apple Watch, you also reset key system settings that may have become corrupted. Note that resetting doesn’t not remove data and media files from Apple Watch. On the contrary, erasing Apple Watch does remove those files. 

How to Know Apple Watch and iPhone are connected

Answer: No symbol indicates on the watch face that Apple Watch is connected to iPhone, as being connected is the normal state for the device. On the contrary, when Apple Watch is disconnected from iPhone, the Disconnected icon appears at the top of the watch face.

You can verify that Apple Watch is connected to iPhone at any moment. To do so, swipe up from the watch face to display the Glances screen, and then swipe right until the Settings Glance appears, The word Connected will be seen at the readout at the top of the watch face. If not, you’ll see the word Disconnected. In both cases a small icon will accompany the word (green iPhone icon or red iPhone icon with a red slash).

What Functions Can Apple Watch Perform Without iPhone

Answer: Apple Watch can work with iPhone disconnect, but in this case the number of useful functions is limited. However, user can use all the main timekeeping functions, such as the watch face, Alar, Timer, Stopwatch. Besides, the workout app can monitor your workouts without iPhone. You can also continue to measure your physical activity toward the Move, Exercise, Stand goals. It’s possible to make payments via Apple Pay without iPhone and use Music App to play music via Bluetooth to headphones and speakers. Passbook will display key documents (such as boarding passes) and user will be able to use Photos app to view the photos synced to Apple Watch. 

What Functions Apple Watch Performs Being Connected to iPhone?

Answer:Apple Watch works with iPhone for the following main functions:

  • It requires iPhone to enable its owner to make phone calls.
  • It uses iPhone’s GPS (Global Positioning System) and location services to determine user’s location.
  • It requires iPhone’s Internet access to receive and send e-mails and instant text messages.
  • It needs iPhone for most third-party apps as they draw data from the companion app on iPhone. 
What About Battery Run-time?

Answer: iPhone uses more power because of Apple Watch, as the devices communicate vie Bluetooth. Beside, Apple Watch makes iPhone to connect to the Internet to download data. All these actions reduce iPhone’s run-time on battery. On the other side, it’s very likely that the owner will use Apple Watch instead of iPhone for sending messages, checking his or her e-mail and notifications. In these cases the watch even saves some battery life and thus the effect on the battery life might well work out to be even positive. 

What Does the New Button in the Face Chooser do?

Answer: The New button enables the user to create and save a custom watch face by customizing one of the existing faces. 

Is it possible to pair Apple Watch with iPad instead of iPhone?

Answer: No, it is not. You can pair Apple Watch only with iPhone. 

Can I Pair Apple Watch with Two iPhones and Switch Between Them?

Answer: No. You can pair Apple Watch with only one iPhone at a time. To switch between the iPhones, you must unpair Apple Watch from the current iPhone and then pair it with another iPhone. This procedure takes several minutes but is otherwise straightforward. 

Should I Use the Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone Feature?

Answer: The Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone feature saves your time and efforts over unlocking Apple Watch manually. You should consider however whether it will compromise your security or not. Unless you wear Apple Watch all the time, it is arguably better not to enable this feature.

Why do different images show different watch looks?

Answer: Apple Watch provides various watch faces. The device enables the user to switch among the watch faces easily. To learn more about choosing Apple Watch face you select and customizing it, see this text for instructions : Changing the watch face and customizing it. 

How Does the New Button Work?

Answer: To choose and customize the custom face, on Apple Watch screen, force-touch the watch face to display the face chooser, next swipe left until you see New Icon. Tap it, then scroll up or down, either using your finger or turning the Digital Crown, to locate the face you want to use as the basis. Tap the face to apply it. Then force-touch the face to open again the face chooser, tap Customize, and customize the face.

Where Can I Get Other Faces for Apple Watch?

Answer: Apple won’t let developers create and sell their own Apple Watch faces in the App Store. The company has banned alternative watch faces (Apple has also banned third-party apps whose primary function is to tell the time from the App store. There exist still free alternative watch faces offered by independent companies. They also say, Apple will provide other watch faces in due course to give users more flexibility in customizing their watches. 

How Сan I Pair Apple Watch with iPhone Manually?

Answer: To pair Apple Watch with iPhone Manually, tap Pair Apple Watch Manually on iPhone. Next, tap Info on Apple Watch. At this moment you’ll see the watch name on-screen. On iPhone, tap this name in the Devices list. As soon as you do it, Apple Watch will display a six-digit code. On iPhone, type this code at the prompt. You’ll see the Your Apple Watch Is Paired screen. Now you can restore Apple Watch from backup. 

How Can I Clean My Apple Watch?

Answer: To keep Apple Watch in good condition, you will need to clean it. Keep in mind the device is water-resistant and splash-resistant, but it is not waterproof. So take care of it and work with precaution: wipe the watch with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. If the face needs it, dampen part of the cloth and wipe the watch face with it. Dry the watch with the dry part of the cloth afterward. You should clean the watchband in the same way to avoid damage. Never use cleaning liquids, soap, abrasive materials to clean Apple Watch or the band. Do not use compressed air or a hair dryer to dry the device.

If the Digital Crown becomes sticky and does not turn smoothly, you may need to wash it out. To wash the Digital Crown, Apple recommends holding Apple Watch under a narrow and steady stream of water for 10 or 15 seconds. The water will run over the gap between the housing and the Digital Crown. While the water is running, click the Digital Crown in and out, and turn it both clockwise and counterclockwise. 

Does Applying Grayscale to Apple Watch Improve Battery Life?

Answer: If you apply grayscale to Apple Watch, it may Improve Battery Life a little. In fact Apple Watch has an AMOLED display, which requires less power to display black pixels (AMOLED is the acronym for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.)

How Do I Use the Zoom Feature?

Answer: Double-tap with two fingers to turn on Zoom. You can then turn the Digital Crown to pan around the zoomed screen. Double-tap with two fingers to zoom back out so that the whole screen appears. Users can also set the accessibility shortcut, a triple-click with the Digital Crown, to enable Zoom.

Which Alerts Should I Receive on Apple Watch?

Answer: The alerts you receive on Aplle Watch depend on how you use the device, and how you schedule your appointments. Seeing upcoming events on Apple Watch and seeing Calendar events shared with iPhone may be useful and helpful. You may not need to see invitaions or invitee responses on Apple Watch. 

What Is the Best Way to Access Calendar Quickly on Apple Watch?

Answer: To Access Calendar quickly choose one of the watch faces that includes a Calendar complication. You can then not only see your next event, but also tap the calendar complication to go straight to the Calendar app from the watch face. 

How Do I Tell Mail Which Contacts Are VIPs?

Answer: On iPhone, press Home to open the Home screen. Tap Mail to open the Mail app et on the Mail boxes screen, tap Info to the right of VIP. If Info does not appear, tap the VIP button itself, on the VIP List screen, tap Add VIP. On the Contacts screen, tap the contact you want to add to the list. In Mail on OS X, click a message from the contact, right-click the sender, then click Add to VIPs on the contextual menu. 

Does Muting Apple Watch Mute Alarms As Well?

Answer: Turning on Mute mutes alarms and timers when you are wearing Apple Watch. The action does not mute alarms and timers when Apple Watch is charging. You can mute Apple Watch, set it to charge overnight, and still have the alarm wake you in the morning.

Which Workout Type Should I Choose for a Workout That the App Does Not List?

Answer: You can use the Other workout for any workout, but you may prefer to choose the type similar to the workout you will perform. You might choose the Outdoor Walk workout to track a game of golf. You might use the Indoor Run workout for a game of racquetball. 

How to Control Playback in Apps Other Than Music?

Answer: You can use he Now Playing Glance to control Spotify playback as well. Once you have set Spotify playing on iPhone, use the Now Playing Glance to pause and resume playback, go to the beginning of the current track or to the previous or to the next track. You can change the output volume. 

How Can I Put Music on Apple Watch?

Answer: To put music on Apple Watch, you add the music to a playlist in the Music app on iPhone. You can create a playlist in iTunes on your computer and sync it to iPhone. Then you can use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to specify how much space you allow for music. You can specify the maximum number of songs to sync. You may specify the playlist you want to sync to Apple Watch. See our text Which Music to Sync to Apple Watch for specific details. 

How Does the User Control Which Messages the Mail App on Apple Watch Receives?

Answer: You work on the Mail screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. You can choose to include all the inboxes for the accounts you use with iPhone or just some mailboxes. See our text How to Configure the Mail App for details.

Is There Any Advantage to Using Digital Crown to Open an App?

Answer: Yes, there are two advantages. First, as you turn the Digital Crown clockwise, the App’s name appears. If you’ve picked a wrong app, you can turn the Digital Crown counterclockwise to return to the Home screen. Second, using the Digital Crown to open an app can be helpful if you find it hard to tap the app icon accurately.

Can I Sync Multiple Playlists to Apple Watch?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to sync multiple playlists by adding them to another playlist and then syncing that playlist. This workaround may be somewhat clumsy, but you may find it effective: Create the separate playlists containing the appropriate songs in iTunes on your computer or in the Music app on your iPhone as usual. Then create a new playlist, add those playlists to it, and sync the new playlist to Apple Watch.

For Which App Should You Enable Handoff?

Answer: Key Apple Watch apps (such as Phone or Messages), work with iPhone whether Handoff is turned on or off. Enable Handoff for My Apps at first on the Handoff & Suggested Apps screen in the Settings apps on iPhone. If you find Handoff useful, you may want to try enabling Handoff for App Store as well. Note than on iMac and iPad Handoff must be turned on for these features to work.  

Where Can I Get Apps for Apple Watch?

Answer: The App store is the only official source of consumer apps for Apple Watch, as Apple encourages developers to conceive and submit apps for approval and for inclusion on the App Store. You may be able to find other apps on the Internet. However, you should be aware that these apps may contain malevolent code or just be poorly programmed. They may also be fakes built to compromise your iPhone. But some institutions and enterprises create their own iPhone apps to distribute them to their employees. These apps can have Apple Watch Extensions which work normally. In these cases, an administrator will provide you with the app. 

What Are In-App Purchases?

Answer: In-app purchases are items than users purchase within an app, usually to unlock extra features or functionality. Many developers make their apps free to encourage people to install and use the apps. These developers then make money by charging for vital features through in-app purchases. 

Why Does Apple Watch Not Display Notifications For New Messages?

Answer: If this happens, Show Alerts for Messages may be off. On iPhone, tap Apple Watch, then tap My Watch, tap Messages. Tap Custom, set the Show Alerts Switch to On. You can then set the Sound Switch to On or Off, and the Heptic switch to On or Off as needed. 

How Can I see When Each Message In a Conversation Was Sent

Answer: To see when a message was sent, tap the message, and drag it to the left until the time stamp appears. When you let go of the message, it snaps back into place. 

How Can I Change the Time Zone on Apple Watch?

Answer: Apple Watch automatically picks up the time zone from iPhone, so you change the time zone on iPhone instead. To change the time zone: press Home on iPhone, tap Settings, tap General, tap Date & Time. Set the Set Automatically switch to Off, tap Time Zone and choose the time zone you want to appear. 

Why Tell Apple Watch About the Wrist?

Answer: Apple Watch includes accelerometers to interpret your movements so the device can react appropriately to them. It tries to distinguish between you raising your wrist to wake Apple Watch and you moving the wrist for other purposes. Specifying which wrist Apple Watch is on helps the device’s software to interpret the movements without mistake.

Why the Capacity of My Apple Watch is only 6.2 GB while it has 8 GB of storage?

Answer: The advertised capacity measurement is 8 billion bytes, which is described as 8 gigabytes. But computers count storage in 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes, so the real capacity in 7 percent less than the capacity used in the marketing language. Besides, the Apple Watch operating system takes up some space. You cannot get rid of the OS, nor should you want it.

What Settings Should I Choose for an App I Have Installed?

Answer: For many apps, the only setting is the Show App on Apple Watch switch. You can set it to On to make the app appear on Apple Watch – this is the default setting. You can set in to Off to uninstall the app from Apple Watch. However is the app has a Glance, you can set the Show in Glances switch to On to make the app appear in Glances; you can set it to Off to remove it from Glances. 

How Do I change the time zone on Apple Watch so it shows the same time as iPhone after traveling to a different time zone?

Answer: It may happen that Apple Watch displays the incorrect time zone when you travel. In this case restart the iPhone. Apple Watch will pick up the correct time zone.


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