Apple Watch FAQ

These questions and answers will help people who have never used Apple Watches, as well those who’d like to expand their knowledge about these nice devices and their particular characteristics, tricks and other useful or just amazing information.

FAQ About Apple Watch

What is the Difference Between Resetting Apple Watch and Erasing it?

How to Know Apple Watch and iPhone are connected

What Functions Can Apple Watch Perform Without iPhone
What Functions Apple Watch Performs Being Connected to iPhone?
What About Battery Run-time?

What Does the New Button in the Face Chooser do?

Is it possible to pair Apple Watch with iPad instead of iPhone?

Can I Pair Apple Watch with Two iPhones and Switch Between Them?

Should I Use the Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone Feature?

Why do different images show different watch looks?

How Does the New Button Work?

Where Can I Get Other Faces for Apple Watch?

How Сan I Pair Apple Watch with iPhone Manually?

How Can I Clean My Apple Watch?

Does Applying Grayscale to Apple Watch Improve Battery Life?

How Do I Use the Zoom Feature?

Which Alerts Should I Receive on Apple Watch?

What Is the Best Way to Access Calendar Quickly on Apple Watch?

How Do I Tell Mail Which Contacts Are VIPs?

Does Muting Apple Watch Mute Alarms As Well?

Which Workout Type Should I Choose for a Workout That the App Does Not List?

How to Control Playback in Apps Other Than Music?

How Can I Put Music on Apple Watch?

How Does the User Control Which Messages the Mail App on Apple Watch Receives?

Is There Any Advantage to Using Digital Crown to Open an App?

Can I Sync Multiple Playlists to Apple Watch?

For Which App Should You Enable Handoff?

Where Can I Get Apps for Apple Watch?

What Are In-App Purchases?
Why Does Apple Watch Not Display Notifications For New Messages?

How Can I see When Each Message In a Conversation Was Sent

How Can I Change the Time Zone on Apple Watch?

Why Tell Apple Watch About the Wrist?

Why the Capacity of My Apple Watch is only 6.2 GB while it has 8 GB of storage?

What Settings Should I Choose for an App I Have Installed?

How Do I change the time zone on Apple Watch so it shows the same time as iPhone after traveling to a different time zone?



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