iMac G3/700 SE (Summer 2001)

The iMac G3/700 SE is the top model to wrap up the whole G3 line. It got the fastest processor of the 7xx family – 700 Hz – and the largest hard drive – 60 GB, the largest RAM from the box – 256 MB and the most popular colors: Graphite and Snow. The iMac G3/600 features a 700 MHz PowerPC 750cx (G3) processor with a 256k on-chip level 2 cache, 256 MB of RAM, a 60.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive, a slot loading 8X/4X/24X CD-RW drive, ATI Rage 128 Ultra (AGP 2X) graphics with 16 MB of VRAM and Firewire “400” ports as well as the in-built speakers, a 15-inch CRT display and AirPort support. The iMac G3/500 is available in two crisp colors: Graphite and Snow.

iMac G3/700 SE (Summer 2001)

Introduced on: July 18, 2001.


  • Code name: “Kiva”.
  • Processor Speed: 700 MHz.
  • Processor Architecture: 32-bit.
  • Processor type: PowerPC 750cx Sidewinder “G3”.
  • Cores: 1.
  • On-Board Ram: 256 MB (Expandable to 1 GB (512 MB supported by Apple).
  • Video: 15-inch (13.8-inch viewable) shadow-mask CRT screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
  • Graphics: ATI Rage 128 Ultra (AGP 2X) video with 16 MB of VRAM.
  • Storage: 60 GB, 5400-rpm ATA-3 up to 128 GB Hard Drive Supported.
  • Input\Output: 2x USB 1.1, 2x FireWire 400 2x Headphone mini-jacks, Analog audio input mini-jack, Built-in stereo speakers.
  • Optical drive: 4X/8X/24X CD-RW.
  • Internet \ Wireless connection: Optional 11 Mbit/s AirPort 802.11b (adapter required), 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, 56k modem 4 Mbit/s.
  • Preinstalled OS: 9.1, 10.0.4. OS max. upgrade: 10.4.11.
  • Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 x 17.1 inch.
  • Weight: 34.7 lb.
  • Colors: Graphite, Snow.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Model No: M5521 (EMC 1857).

Apple Order number: M8510LL/A – Graphite, M8554LL/A – Snow.

Discontinued: January 7, 2002.

Price: $1199.


  • The critical drawback of iMacs is the fact that Apple doesn’t consider hard drive and optical drive to be user replaceable parts. The only DIY upgrade available is that of RAM. This leaves the user to the wits and mercies of iMacs enthusiasts who love tinkering. The external hard drives are also the option. And while USB 1.1 is obsolete for the purpose, the FireWire port can provide the required speed of data exchange.

Where’s the Fine Print?

Communications, telephone, and modem regulation information: For information on FCC regulations, radio and television interference, and telephone and modem information related to this product, see the files in the Communications Regulations folder, inside the Documents folder on your hard disk.

Laser information: Making adjustments or performing procedures other than those specified in your equipment’s manual may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Do not attempt to disassemble the cabinet containing the laser. The laser beam used in this product is harmful to the eyes. The use of optical instruments, such as magnifying lenses, with this product increases the potential hazard to your eyes. For your safety, have this equipment serviced only by an Apple-authorized service provider.

High-risk activities warning: This computer system is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communications systems, or air traffic control machines, or for any other uses where the failure of the computer system could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage.

Camera information: The DV camera pictured on page 12 of this manual is not included with this product. The model shown may not be available in all areas.

Mouse information: This product complies with the requirements of European Directives 72/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC. Complies with the Canadian ICES-003 Class B specification. This mouse is a Class 1 LED product. (IEC 60825-1:1993+A1:1997+A2:2001) Caution Use of controls or adjustment or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Work Comfortably

Keyboard: When you use the computer keyboard, your shoulders should be relaxed. Your upper arm and forearm should form an approximate right angle, with your wrist and hand in roughly a straight line. You may have to raise your chair so your forearms and hands are at the proper angle to the keyboard. If this makes it impossible to rest your feet flat on the floor, you can use a footrest with adjustable height and tilt to make up for any gap between the floor and your feet. Or you may lower the desktop to eliminate the need for a footrest. Another option is to use a desk with a keyboard tray that is lower than the regular work surface. Use a light touch when typing and keep your hands and fingers relaxed. Avoid rolling your thumbs under your palms.

Mouse: Position the mouse at the same height as your keyboard. Allow adequate space to use the mouse comfortably.

Chair: An adjustable chair that provides firm, comfortable support is best. Adjust the height of the chair so your thighs are horizontal and your feet flat on the floor. The back of the chair should support your lower back (lumbar region). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adjusting the backrest to fit your body properly.

Computer: Arrange the computer so the top of the screen is slightly below your eye level when you’re sitting at the keyboard. The best distance from your eyes to the screen is up to you, although most people seem to prefer 18 to 28 inches (45 to 70 cm). Position the computer to minimize glare and reflections on the screen from overhead lights and windows.

Important note: Don’t lift the computer using the flip-out foot. You could damage your computer. To move your computer, grab the handle on the top of the computer with one hand; with your other hand, hold the bottom of the computer


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  • The iMac G3/600 (Summer 2001 Graphite/Snow) doubles the hard disk storage capacity up to 40 GB and got the fastest processor of 7xx family – 600 Hz.

iMac G3 – Indigo, Summer 2001 — Wind5387. Video published by Wind5387 on Juin 11, 2016. Intro to iMac


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