Mac: Repair Network Failure

So much work is performed via the Internet today that a network failure and impossibility to access the World Wide Web is really frustrating. Here we explain how to repair problems with both wireless and wired networks.

How to Fix Wi-Fi / Network Issues on Mac [Video]

Video uploaded by Evan Bobbitt on February 9, 2015.

How to Repair Network Failure on Mac>

How to Fix a Wired Connection

To fix a traditional wired network do the following:

  • Make sure the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is working. Network connections may go down, so rather than having a local problem, you might be having trouble with your ISP. In this case you should wait instead of rebuilding the network. People spend hours rebuilding networks which start working when the ISP fixes s problem on its back end.
  • If the connection is through an Ethernet cable, check that the cables are connected properly to both computer and the wall jack. If there a multiple Ethernet cable available, try a different one.
  • Turn off the modem and leave it off for half a minute so that all the power completely leaves it. Turn it back on.
  • Open the Network Preferences pane and check the status of the network in the sidebar. If the network is working properly, there will be a green light and the world Connected. If the light is red or amber, it means that a problem exists. Click an item in the sidebar. The Status readout should giver you some indication of the current status of your network.
  • Check that the Configure Ipv4 pop-up menu is set to Using DHCP. The router or server you are connection to must also be set up to use DHCP. Alternatively, you may have to input an IP address manually.To do so, choose Manually from the Configure Ipv4 pop-up menu and get the address information from whoever set up the network.
  • In some circumstances, resetting and requesting a new DHCP address from the router can help. To do so click Advanced in the Network preferences pane, chose the TCP/IP tab, click Renew DHCP Lease.
  • Launch Network Setup Assistant by clicking Assist Me from the Network preferences pane. Its dialog will help you to set up a network connection. It can be useful in creating a new connection.

How to Fix a Wireless Connection

  • Read carefully the advice about wired connection, as the recommendations apply here, too. But if nothing else works, try the following:
  • Choose the AirPort icon in the menu bar. Ensure that AirPort is set to On. You can also check in the Network preference pane.
  • The strength of a wireless network diminishes over distance or when it is blocked by objects and solid walls. You might find an Internet connection to be intermittent at the edge of the router’s range, so you can try to move closer to the router or move the router closer to an area with more space around it.
  • Keep in mind that cordless phones, microwave ovens, other devices can interfere with a wireless network, so you may want to check nearby devices and turn them off to see if that helps.
  • Turn off the base station, wait half a minute and turn it back on again.
  • And never forget that your Internet Service Provider may have problems, so check out your ISP before taking apart the network.



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