Mac: Using Trackpad

Note that on MacBook Pros there is no primary click button in front of the trackpad. Instead, the whole trackpad acts as a clickable button. This principle allows event more space for Multi-Touch gestures. To explore the Multi-Touch options, you can open System Preferences and then go to Trackpad, where you can customize gesture functions. By default, you can use these functionalities:

How to Use Trackpad on Macs

Two fingers: With two fingers you can drag to scroll up and down a page. You can pinch to zoo in and out, you can also rotate an image by circling two fingertips. Tapping with two fingers can also be used in place of the right-click.

Three fingers: If you swipe with three fingers, you can flip through images the iPhoto library.

Four fingers: Un upward swipe using four fingers reveals the desktop. A downward swipe reveals all open windows. Swiping to the left or the right switches you between open applications.

The MacBook Air also supports all the Multi-Touch gestures, but, unlike the MacBook Pros, features a one-button trackpad.

Trackpad: Tips

  • Within the Trackpad preferences panel you can also choose ann option to hold down a specific key, whilst sliding two fingers to zoom in on your screen pointer.
  • You can configure a specific area of the trackpad to act as the right-click trigger when tapped with a single finger. Look for the option under System Preferences – Trackpad.



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