Getting Ready to Sell iPhone

Many iPhone owners think about upgrading and selling their devices to jump to new models. Before trading your iPhone, be sure to prepare your smartphone for sale the right way. You should back it up, clear out all of your data, and deactivate the device from your cell service provider. With backups in place you will be able to upgrade to a new iPhone easily by picking up exactly where you left off, with settings, apps and all. Many experts recommend making a double backup, one stored locally on a computer, and another stored in iCloud. This procedure guarantees that you will have an accessible backup available when your iPhone arrives.

Getting Ready to Sell iPhone

How to prepare My iPhone For Sale

Getting ready to sell iPhone or any other cell phone is easy and doesn’t require time or technical knowledge.

Before you sell used phone online, prepare it for trade-in:

  • Back up any personal data on your phone that you want to keep (such as documents, music, photos, videos, apps, etc.)
  • Deactivate account: Remove the SIM card. If the phone doesn’t have a SIM card, contact your service provider to deactivate its mobile service.
  • Reset your phone: Delete all personal data by resetting the phone to the factory default settings.
  • Get the quote from for your used phone
  • If you agree with the quote, send your phone to to get the best price online on the market!

Thus you’ll trade your old and used cell phone very fast with us. In fact, you are on the best site to sell online your old Apple product you don’t need anymore. We assure you that’s much easier than you think.

Don’t forget that for each item, you should proceed separately as the prices vary from one brand and model to another! Good luck!


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