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1Select a model
2Screen size
Screen size: 13"
4Processor type
Processor type: Core 2 Duo
5Model year and identifier
Year: Early 2008 (1,1)
8Are you including charger?
Are you including charger?
9What shape is it in?
  • Your MacBook does not power on.
  • It has severe physical damage.
  • May have cracked display.
  • The laptop has functional defects (i.e., ports are non-functional, keyboard is defective, system fan does not function and so on).
  • All original hardware components are present.
  • NO unauthorized repair attempts are made (Apple is authorized).
  • Display has no cracks.
  • Display might have white yellowish blemishes.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • It has some moderate physical defects.
  • It may have scratches, scuffs, dents.
  • It may have moderate wear on the trackpad and/or keyboard.
  • It may have as well minor display issues (screen burn or a few dead pixels or screen burn)


  • Your MacBook has signs of everyday use on its keyboard, trackpad and so on, but it is 100% functional.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • It may have light scratches.
  • It may have almost invisible dents, scratches or scuffs on the display surface, which can't affect viewing.
  • Your MacBook has never been used or looks like a new laptop.
  • Absolutely no scratches, flaws, hair scratches, dents, nicks, or scuffs.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • Looks like it just came out of the box.
  • Brand new
  • Never OPENED, Never Used
  • Still in factory original packaging sealed/untouched.
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