Apple Facts and Trivia

Here we will list some Apple facts and trivia, ranging from the first years of production to the present, from corporate board rooms to users’ experience. Reading these stories – some of them see the light of day for the first time in history – will bring back memories, as most of these facts are monuments to days gone by. Every great company has its storytellers, as there is a fundamental need in the human psyche to produce amazing tales about what people like. So, take your seat and enjoy these short stories…

Apple Facts and Trivia

  • Nuclear Weapons: By buying an Apple product or service, you have agreed not to use Apple products to create nuclear weapons. So, if you are thinking of doing so, think again, as you might violate the agreement.
  • Empty Space: They say that when the prototype of Apple’s iPod was shown to Steve Jobs, he dropped the gadget in an aquarium. Then, he said that the air bubbles proved there was empty space inside the iPod, thus it could be made smaller.
  • Don’t Shoot the Computer!: They say that the battery of an Apple MacBook could save its user from a gunshot, as it’s bulletproof. But please, don’t try to shoot the computer.
  • Never Downloaded Apps: The Apple App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps. However, more than 70% of those apps have never been downloaded.
  • Siri: Siri was supposed to be used by Android and BlackBerry phones. However, in April of 2010, Apple bought Siri, Inc.
  • Bill Gates: Steve Jobs once accused Bill Gates of stealing technology from Apple. Bill Gates philosophically replied: “I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox. I broke into his house to steal his TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”
  • Employee Number: When Apple designated employee numbers, Steve Jobs saw that Stephen Wozniak received #1, while Jobs got #2. Steve Jobs was offended, as he believed he should be second to no one, so he took #0 instead.
  • Vintage Apple: An Apple-1 computer built in Steve Jobs’ garage in the summer of 1976 was sold at an auction in 2014 for US$905,000.
  • Smoking Voids Warranty: Did you know that smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty? Be careful not to smoke near your Mac!
  • Mining Ore: An Apple iPhone contains about 0.0012 ounces of gold, 0.012 ounces of silver, and 0.000012 ounces of platinum, worth $1.52, $0.24, and $0.017 respectively. Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from broken and recycled iPhones in 2015. That’s worth about US$40 million.
  • 9:41: Every Apple iPhone ad displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007.
  • Talk to Siri: Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, analyzed, and stored by Apple deep in its archives.
  • Adopted: Steve Jobs was adopted. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian Muslim. Steve Jobs never wrote a single line of programming code, and was dyslexic. It’s known that Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs, all had no college degree. Steve Jobs was awarded 141 new patents since his death. Today, the Bible, Steve Jobs’ Bio, and the Hunger Games, are the most highlighted kindle books ever. Steve Jobs did not let his kids use iPads and kept their use of technology to a minimum.
  • Attention, Steve Jobs: They say that Steve Jobs’ secretary was once late for work, because her car wouldn’t start. That afternoon, Jobs gave her a set of keys for a brand new Jaguar, saying: “Here, don’t be late anymore.” It’s also said that Steve Jobs believed that his vegan diet would eliminate the need of showering. He was very attentive to details, and once he called Google to tell them the yellow gradient in the second O of their logo wasn’t quite right.
  • Jobs’ Grave: Bill Gates wrote his rival Steve Jobs a comforting letter as he was dying. Jobs kept it by his bed. He turned down a partial liver transplant from now Apple-CEO Tim Cook two years before dying of cancer. Steve Jobs’ last words were: “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.” He is buried in an unmarked grave.
  • Cassette and Disk Storage: In the very beginning, cassette storage may have been inexpensive, but it was also slow and unreliable. The first real Apple computer – Apple II’s lack of a disk drive was a glaring weakness in what was otherwise intended to be a polished, professional product. Recognizing that the II needed a disk drive to be taken seriously, Apple set out to develop a disk drive and a DOS to run it. Steven Wozniak spent the 1977 Christmas holidays designing a disk controller that reduced the number of chips used by a factor of ten compared to existing controllers. Still lacking a DOS, and with Wozniak inexperienced in operating system design, Jobs approached Shepardson Microsystems with the project. On April 10, 1978, Apple signed a contract for $13,000 with Sheperdson to develop the DOS.
  • One-Button Mouse: Apple’s mouse or trackpad used to have only one button. This has long infuriated the PC adepts who were thinking about switching to Mac and tried out a Mac to test it. Apple had to introduce a two-button mouse and allow the Macs to work with standard PC mice, to solve the problem. As for older Macs, clicking the Control button does exactly the same as right-clicking. Users can also right-click by tapping with two fingers simultaneously on the trackpad.
  • Slide to Unlock: Apple owns the patent for the “Slide to Unlock” feature.
  • Fake Projects: Apple used to assign fake projects to new employees to see if they could be trusted.


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  • When the slogan Think Different was launched? And whom the idea pertains to?

    • That one was easy! :-). “Think different” is an advertising slogan created by Apple Computer Inc. in 1997. As Steve Jobs said later (in 2004): “Indeed, it is not easy to think outside of the box, but it is worth trying. Think different, that’s the idea!” In an interview with Peter Burrows in Bloomberg Businessweek, Steve Jobs explained: “We, Apple, do things where we feel we can make a significant contribution. That’s one of my other beliefs”.

  • this article is coool, but too many facts have been left outside, I’d tell, you should continue. Thanks.

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