Apple Watch: Add Friends and Change Their Order

Apple Watch enables you to quickly get in touch with up to twelve contacts you designate as Friends using the Friends app on Apple Watch. This app enables you to phone any friend or send them a text message. If your friend also has Apple Watch, it is possible to send him or her a sketch, a emoji or your heartbeat. Use the Friends screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone to control which friends appear on Apple Watch, as well as their order.

Apple Watch: How to Add Friends and Change Their Order

  • Press Home on iPhone, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Apple Watch to open the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch, and the My Watch screen will appear.
  • Tap Friends. As soon as you tap Friends, the Friends screen appears, showing the current contacts’ assigned friend status.
  • Tap one of the Add Friend buttons. If no Add Friend button is available, remove an existing friend, as the maximum number of friends you can assign is twelve.
  • The Contact screen appears.
  • You can tap Groups to change the groups displays.
  • You can also search for a contact by tapping Search and typing par of the name.
  • Tap the contact you want to add, and the contact will appear on the Friends screen.
  • Add other friends as needed.
  • Tap Edit, and the Friends list opens to editing.
  • Tap Remove for a contact you want to remove from the Friends list, and the Remove button will appear.
  • Tap Remove. The Add Friend button will appear in place of the contact.
  • Tap a movement handle and drag up or down to reposition a friend, then tap Done, and the editing controls will disappear.

Note that you can also remove a friend without opening the Friends list for editing. Simply swipe the friend to the left to display the Remove button. Then tap Remove.

Making the Friends Screen Easier to Navigate

To make the Friends screen on Apple Watch easier to navigate, if you do not fill all twelve slots on the Friends screen, rearrange the friends so that gaps appear between them.


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