Apple Watch Weather App: How to Check the Weather

The Weather app is one of the most useful features on Apple Watch. It gives the user quick access to essential weather information. In fact, it is very easy to switch among general weather conditions, rainfall percentages, temperatures for the upcoming hours and more. The owner of Apple Watch can navigate quite easily and swiftly from one’s city weather to another city’s weather. The user can also view the ten day forecast for any of the cities.

How to Change Weather on Apple Watch (multiple ways) [Video]

Video uploaded by Foxtecc on November 17, 2022.

Weather App: How to Check the Weather

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • If the watch face includes the Weather app complication, just tap Weather to go straight to the Weather app, without using the Home screen.
  • If not, click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Weather to display the Weather screen.
  • The Location arrow will indicate that this weather is for your current location.
  • Now the weather conditions appear, and the temperature appear in the center.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the Information screen appears.
  • Tap % Rain to see information about % rain.
  • Force-touch the screen again and tap Temperature on the Information screen to view info about the temperature.
  • Force-touch the screen again tap Conditions to display the Conditions information.
  • Swipe left and the weather for the next city will appear. At this moment, the white dot will indicate the current screen.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise to scroll down. You can also slide your finger up the screen to scroll down. The 10-day forecast will appear.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise or slide your finger up the screen to scroll down, and further days will appear.

Note: You can also access weather information by swiping up to open Glances, and swiping left or right to display the Weather Glance. You can then tap the Weather Glance to go to the Weather app. You can also activate Siri (to do so, say Hey Siri or press and hold the Digital crown). Then request the weather by saying something How’s the weather looking for tomorrow?

Changing the Default City

You can change the default city. To change the default city, you must work on the Weather screen in the Apple Watch screen on iPhone. For details see this text: How to Configure the Weather app.

Troubleshooting: Weather App Not Working on Watch

If you notice this problem,  on your iPhone, go into the Apple Weather app and make sure that you have a default city set up on the phone. If you don’t have a default city on your iPhone, add one, and that location will show up in the Apple Watch app and on the weather app on the Apple Watch. Generally, it helps. If the city had been set on your iPhone, but the watch is not working, go to General > Reset > Reset Sync Data. Check if the Weather app is now working on your Apple Watch.

If the default weather app still cannot retrieve any data on your Apple Watch (for example, you just have the spinning dots on the display, but no data), first at all look on your phone and make sure the app works and the iPhone follows access to your location, do the following: unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Reboot both the watch and the phone and pair them again. You’ll have to reconfigure the watch again, but weather will work perfectly, as well as other apps that might be working with problems.

Some users who seem to have had the same problem with their Apple Watch, were able to fix the problem without all the resetting and unsyncing stuff. In one case the user noticed that in the iPhone weather app all of the cities he had in there were “stuck” and not loading current data or had corrupted data. The fix was to go into the Apple weather app on their iPhone. Once there, the user deleted his default city and then reloaded it. He also deleted the other cities. When he re-added them they loaded with current data which also then synced back correctly to the watch. It was way easier than a full unsync/restart and it actually worked.

If nothing else helps, unpair the watch from your iPhone. Then reset the Apple watch back to factory settings and reboot both the phone and the watch. Now pair the phone and you’ll be able to select from restore from backup which does not require you to go back into the settings and reset them all to what you originally had set.



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  • If it still doesn’t work with cities and weather, please try the following:
    1. Check if location services are enabled in the Weather app in your iPhone
    2. Restart iPhone and then Apple Watch
    3. In the Weather app of the iPhone, remove one city and then add it again.
    In my case all actions described above did not work and only removing and adding one city helped.

  • Removing the city and re-adding it on my phone in the weather app did the trick, now my watch shows the current temp again.

  • Hello,

    So, I have had my watch for just over a week now and for the last few days I have noticed the weather is not updating, I uninstalled the app and rebooted my phone then reinstalled and rebooted then added the one city and it worked then added another city and it died. So, I was stuck again…so I turned off my Wi-Fi and used my data of which was no help.

    *Now mind you I have been having trouble with my Wi-Fi in the basement and in the process of resetting my extender*

    Any-hoot, I turned on my Wi-Fi and it connects to the main router upstairs for a few min and WALLAH!! The weather updated and all was good…until…I lost Wi-Fi and the weather info disappeared. I thought there is no way this is the issue when I have unlimited data so why would Wi-Fi have anything to do with it? So, I thought I will test this theory tomorrow morning at work, …

    I get to the office this morning and notice the weather info is not there and I uninstalled/reinstalled and added one city and still nothing…then I logged into my work Wi-Fi and BOOM!!! FREAKIN WEATHER UPDATED!!! What are the odds? Holy crap man that’s BS but apparently this is so far my conclusion that it has everything to do with the Wi-Fi and nothing to do with default city or multiple cities or one city. Definite Flaw, not major but annoying…

    Hope this helps and trust me I will be sending my comment to Apple in hopes that they can maybe find a fix for it next to having a portable Wi-Fi router…

    Greenie 😉

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