Apple Watch: How to Share Your Location

You can quickly share your location with the contact, with whom you are chatting in the Messages app, using Apple Watch. This capability helps you to meet with the contact if you need to convey your exact location clearly. For the Messages app on Apple Watch to share your location, you must allow the Message app on iPhone to use Location Services.

Apple Watch: How to Share Your Location

  • After receiving a Messages notification from the contact, tap the notification, and it will open.
  • Tap the message to open the Messages app. The Messages app will show the chat with the contact.
  • Force-touch the screen to open the Options screen.
  • Tap Send Location. Now, if you see the message Location Sharing Disabled when you tap Send Location, that means that you need to turn on location sharing for the Messages app on iPhone. Press Home, tap Settings, then tap Privacy. On the Privacy screen, tap Location Services, tap Messages, then tap While Using the App in the Allow Location Access area. Messages sends the location.
  • You can tap Reply to send a text reply as well.

A Few More Words about Applewatch

Checking in on a family member or a friend is an easy thing to do nowadays. Any gadget user has possibilities James

Bond of 1970x would have died for. The only problem is to choose just the right app for this.

With some trackers you are to decide who and for how long to share your location with. But some apps cannot have the option, but features a panic button. Most every tracker supports check-ins and some even let to set a specific area for a check-in or check-out, like school for kids. Trackers can share your location with the contacts from your smartphone or with social network friends or both.

First come carrier apps

Verizon Family Locator features locations, address, a detailed map, turn-by-turn directions, arrival and departure updates, integrated text messaging.

AT&T FamilyMap can locate from smartphone, find lost or stolen phones, has got maps with designated safe spots, schedules, notification options.

Sprint Family Locator can locate lost or stolen phones, features automatic check-ins, text alerts, option to check from Web site, real-time locations.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere features automatic location checks, real-locations, text alerts, ability to work with non-smartphones, schedules.

They’re paid for on a monthly basis and rather costly.

Then comes location sharing apps tethered to social networks, like Foursquare, Google+ and such-likes. Location sharing is based upon check-ins, and it is not too reliable.

The most comfortable in use are apps and GPS trackers, specifically developed for gadgets and wearables.


With Glympse, designed to feature at-a-glance-tracking, it is you to decide who you want to see your GPS location, and how long they can track you.

The location sharing ends automatically once the set interval is up, but the transmission can be stopped manually as well at any time. Some extra time can be added to the tracking interval too.

Glympse also lets you share real-time locations, calendar, estimated arrival times, and travel speeds through email, text or social networks.

Life360 Family Locator

This free app is more like a GPS tracker and family messenger in one. It alerts family members to each other’s locations in real time. There’s an option of sending the automated check-in if a person has entered a predefined location, like home or school, but the number of these areas is limited to two.

The app saves a full location history. The pro version comes with unlimited check-in places, roadside assistance, non-smartphones location, and protection against stolen phones. The highlight of this app is a built-in “panic” option that sends out an emergency beacon to designated emails, text and phones with your exact location of your

GPS coordinates.

Find My Friends

This app is based upon Google maps and lists police stations, hospitals, etc. It’s a user oriented app, that is, it’s a user to decide if he or she feels like sharing its location. The premium version comes with the non-smartphone location feature.


Pathshare is globally available in more than 80 countries. It’s device independent and requires no account. The tracking session duration is set by the owner during which the location can be shared with individuals or groups from the contacts book. The app adds activity to your location as well, allowing your friends and family to see what you’re up to. All data is transmitted via SSL protocol, the same the banks use for processing the payments. Pathshare do not give up any phone numbers or names. Pathshare automatically runs in background and shares the location by a single tap.

As for the precision of geo-positioning, this is yet to be discussed. The trackers get their data via Web from satellites, and a systematic bias can take place, especially in the areas with poor satellites or cell coverage.

Keep in mind, that trackers are the most power consuming apps. If you want to be tracked as quickly as possible, turn off other apps and check the battery charge level. Your location sharing app must have enough resources to go on in a state of an emergency. If you can’t get enough bars, try to find the higher place and catch the signal from there.

For enhanced security do not download and install the trackers you’re not sure of. Use AppStore. Choose trackers with protected data transmission protocol and options which let you edit personal info. Do not start group sessions with people you don’t know well.


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