Apple Watch: Controlling Apple TV

To control Apple TV using Apple Watch, you must at first set up Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV (See our text: Setting Up Apple Watch as a Remote for Apple TV). Then you can swipe the Apple Watch screen to move the selection highlight on the screen connected to Apple TV, and tap the Apple Watch screen to give the equivalent of the Select button on the physical remote. You can navigate quickly around the menu structure by tapping the Menu button.

How to Control Apple TV Using Apple Watch

How to Open the Remote App

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch, and the watch face will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Remote, and the Remote app will open.

How to Connect to Apple TV

  • Turn the Digital Crown as needed to display the icon for the Apple TV.
  • Tap the Apple TV icon to connect the Remote app to the Apple TV.

How to Navigate Apple TV and Control Playback

  • Tap and hold Menu.
  • When the main menu appears on Apple TV, swipe right, left, up or down. On Apple TV the selection will move in the direction you swipe.
  • When the selection is on the item you have chosen, tap the screen on Apple Watch.
  • Now the item will open, and you will be able to continue to navigate by swipping and tapping.
  • You can tap Menu to go back one level. Tap and hold Menu to go straight to the main menu.
  • Tap Play/Pause to start or pause playback.



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