Apple Watch: How to Create New Event

You can create a new event in your calendar, using Siri. After activating Siri by saying Hey Siri or by pressing and holding the Digital Crown, speak the details of the event you want to create. If you provide intelligible and complete information, Siri will display a calendar tile. It shows the event, so you can read and confirm it. However, if the information is incomplete or Siri can’t understand it, she will prompt you to fill in the gaps.

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How to Create New Event

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • To activate Siri, press and hold the Digital Crown or say Hey Siri.
  • When the Siri screen appears, say the details of the event you are creating. For example, you can say Create an event meeting with iGotOffer at 5 pm on October 3rd for 2 hours. The name used must be one of your contacts. Siri will display the interpretation of what you say.
  • If Siri understands the message, that’s if your meaning is clear, Siri will display a calendar tile with a Confirm button and a Cancel button.

Note that Siri will warn you if the event being created conflicts with an existing event.

  • Tap Confirm if the event is correct.
  • Siri will confirm that she added the event to your calendar.
  • Click the Digital Crown, and the watch face will appear again.

A Few Words about Apple’s Calendar App

Apple’s Calendar keeps your appointments, and Calendar app in OS X keeps the user on schedule. The Calendar can display appointments, birthdays, meetings, weather, conferences, maps, travel time and other events the user wants to add. Calendar includes maps, weather, and travel time to make setting up and sharing your events easy. Users can create events, subscribe to other people’s calendars, and connect to Facebook and other services using the Calendar app.

Users can change the calendar view by clicking the Day, Week, Month, or Year tab at the top of the Calendar window.

The Calendar app lets the user add and schedule events in multiple ways:

  • To add an event to a Calendar, double-click anywhere on it. When you double-click on the display, the Inspector window will  appear. Next you will be able to add invitees, set a time for the event, its location, as well as add other details.
  • To reschedule an event, just drag it where you want the event take place.
  • To edit an existing event, double-click it.

Note that the Quick Event field in Calendar app lets you enter events using natural language. You can simply click the Add Event button and then enter text describing the event in natural words. For example, you can write “Brunch this Saturday with Prince William and his charming wife Kate at Windsor Castle, 11 a.m.” Indeed, Calendar app uses the words you enter to create a new event, and it uses the time, contacts and location fields filled out for the user’s convenience.

Also note that you can create new calendars. By default, OS X includes two calendars in the Calendar app – that is, the Work Calendar and Home Calendar. If the users wants to create a new calendar, the user chooses New Calendar option from the File menu. Then the users types a name for the new calendar in the text field. For example, if the user has kids, he or she might decide to create a separate calendar for each one of the to track their schedules. It is easy to see and control how the calendars appear. To see and control them, just click the Calendars button. The list will show both Home and Work calendars, as well as the calendars the user has created, which will appear below, under the title of Other. If the user wants to change the color or the name of a calendar, he or she selects this calendar from the calendars list, and then chooses Edit > Get Info. If the user wants to remove a calendar and all of its events, the user must right-click or Control-click the calendar’s name. After doing so, the user must select Delete from the shortcut menu that will appear.

How to Use iCloud Account in Calendar App

Apple included iCloud with OS X. Once users sign up for their free iCloud account, they can push calendar updates across their devices, share their iCloud Calendar, and see their calendar on the iCloud website.

If you have an iCloud account , you can use Calendar App to access and manage your iCloud calendars. Note that if you set up the iCloud Calendar service on several devices and computers, your iCloud calendar and reminder information will be kept up to date on each device and computer.

You can set up the  iCloud calendar account from System Preferences to see your iCloud-based calendars in the Calendar window. To set up the iCloud calendar, do the following in System Preferences:

  • Click iCloud.
  • Sign in to iCloud.
  • If this is your first time signing in from the computer you are using, you’ll be asked if you want to use iCloud for contacts, calendars, and bookmarks. Make sure that the calendars option is selected (checked), and then click Next.
  • If you’ve previously signed in to iCloud from the computer you are using, you’ll see a list of iCloud services. Just select the box next to Calendars.


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