Apple Watch: How to Dictate Text Using Siri

Siri enables you to interact with Apple Watch by using your voice. It is possible to use Siri both for dictation or for taking actions. Sire is the only way of inputting text on Apple Watch (except for choosing one of a set of preset replies in apps, such as messages. To get the most out of dictation, it helps to know the standard terms for dictating punctuation, capitalization, layout, symbols or formatting. And Siri will transcribe your speech accurately and quickly into correctly spelled and punctuated text. Siri enables you to dictate instant messages, e-mail messages, notes, reminders, and other text.

What can Siri do on your Apple Watch? [Video]

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How to Dictate Text Using Siri

How to Display the Siri screen

In fact, it’s easy, as to use Siri you simply display the Siri screen, which will show the prompt What Can I Help You With?. Now you can start speaking.

You activate Siri by waking Apple Watch and saying Hey, Siri. You can also display the Siri screen by pressing and holding the Digital Crown.

If you are not able to wake Siri using the Hey, Siri command, it means that the Hey Siri command is turned off. To turn the command on, click the Digital Crown, tap Settings on the Home screen, tap General and tap Siri. On the Siri screen, set the Hey, Siri switch to On.

Let’s remind you that many apps automatically display the Siri screen on Apple Watch when appropriate. For example, when you tap Reply in the Messages app and then tap Dictate, the Siri screen will show automatically.

How to Dictate Text

Once the Siri feature knows which app it should direct your spoken input toward, you can simply dictate the text you want Siri to transcribe. For example, if you start a new text message, just speak the text you want to be included in your message. Siri will transcribe the text and then show it to you to be reviewed and approved.

Creating New Lines and Paragraphs

You can always create new lines and new paragraphs if you need to lay out the text you are entering. A new paragraph enters two lines breaks, creating a blank line between paragraphs. To create a new line, say: – New line! To create a new paragraph, say: – New paragraph!

Insert Punctuation

To insert Punctuation, you should use standard terms, such as “comma”, “period” or “full stop”, “colon”, “semicolon”, “explanation point” (or “exclamation mark”), “question mark”, “hyphen”, “short dash”, “long dash”, “asterisk” (*), “ampersand” (&), “open parenthesis”, “close parenthesis”, “open bracket”, “close bracket”, “underscore”.

To insert double quotes, say “open quotes”  and “close quotes”. To insert single quotes, you say “open single quote” and “close single quote”.

Control Capitalization

It is possible to apply capitalization to the first letter of a word or to a whole word. It is also possible to switch capitalization off to force lowercase.

  • Say Cap too capitalize the first letter of the next word.
  • Say Caps On to capitalize all the words. The text will be capitalized until you say Caps Off.
  • Say No Caps if you want to prevent capitalization of the next word. For example, if you say No Caps New York, you see new York instead of New York.
  • Say No Caps on to force lowercase of all words. The text will be lowercased until you say No Caps Off.

How to Insert Standard Symbols

To insert Symbols, use these terms: “at sign” (@), “percent” (%), “greater than” (>), “less than” (<), “forward slash” (/), “backslash” (\), “registered sign” (®), or “copyright sign” (©).

How to Insert Currency Symbols

If you want to insert currency symbols, just say the currency name and the word “sign”. For dollar sign, say “dollar sign” to insert $, for cent sign, say ¢, for yen, say “yen sign” to insert ¥, for pound sterling, say “pound sterling sign” to insert £.



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  • They say in a few years people will note need keyboard to communicate, and use only Siri or other similar structures to compose messages and so on, Apple Watch or not.


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