Apple Watch: How to Deal With an App That Stops Responding

An app you are using on Apple Watch may stop responding to the controls. In the event of an app not responding, it is a good idea to allow the app several minutes to start responding again. But if the app persists and doesn’t want to respond, you will need to force the app to close. If this doesn’t help and the problems is still there, you may need to restart Apple Watch.

Troubleshooting the Apple Watch [How-To] [Video]

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How to Close an App that Has Stopped Responding

If an app stops responding, wait for a minute or two before your proceed to see if the app recovers and starts working again.

  • Otherwise, press and hold the side button until the Power screen appears.
  • Now release the side button.
  • Press and hold the side button again, and you’ll see the app appear briefly. Apple Watch forces the app to close, and the watch face appears.
  • Release the side button. Now Apple Watch restarts the app.
  • Double-click the Digital Crown to switch to the app. The app’s screen will appear.
  • Verify that the app is working. To do this, tap the app, the control or force-touch the screen.
  • If the technique described above does not solve the issue, restart Apple Watch.

How to Restart Apple Watch to Recover From App Problems

  • When an app does not respond to the controls, or Apple Watch does not respond consistently, press and hold the side button.
  • When the Power screen appears, tap Power Off and slide it to the right. As a result, Apple Watch powers off.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now release the side button and the watch face will appear, locked.
  • Tap the watch face, and you’ll see Enter Passcode screen.
  • Tap your passcode to unlock Apple Watch. Now you can resume using your device normally.

Tip About App Crashing

Tip: Is it possible to stop a particular app from crashing on Apple Watch? If a particular app keeps crashing on Apple Watch, first check for an updated version of that app by using the App store app on iPhone. If an updated version is available, install it. The new version may solve the problem. If however no updated version is available, try uninstalling the app from Apple Watch and then reinstalling it. If nothing helps, just uninstall the non-responsive app and look for an alternative version.

A Few Apple Watch Tip

Eject Water: The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof.The device includes an eject mode which helps to get rid of water lurking inside after you’ve gone swimming. If you want to manually use this feature, swipe up from the main home screen to view the Apple Watch Control Center. Look for the water droplet icon and press. You will be prompted to twist the digital crown to eject the water. Back on the Apple Watch, go to the Activity app and swipe right to see Activity data from your friends. You can also comment on workouts to keep them motivated, or to make fun of them. Either way, it’s your call.

Turn on Auto Pause During a Run: Like you can do it on the Samsung Gear S3 smartphone, Apple lets you halt run tracking when you get interrupted or have to stop at a set of traffic lights. You can now enable automatic run pausing simply by heading to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, heading to the My Watch section and then selecting Workout. Here you will be able to toggle Running Auto Pause on.

Check in on Storage: There’s a decent amount of room on the Apple Watch to accommodate apps, emails, and music. If you want to see how much storage you have to play with, head to the Apple Watch companion app, go to General and  once there select Usage. Here you’ll be able to get a breakdown of how much space apps are taking up.


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