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Paired with an iPhone, the Apple Watch puts communications right on your wrist. You can make and receive phone calls, dictate texts, take actions using Siri, and send and receive messages and e-mails. You can also communicate with other Apple Watch users via digital touch.

Apple Watch Amazing Facts

Communicating with the Apple Watch

  • Advertising Focused on Fashion: In comparison to other Apple products and competing smartwatches designed and developed by other companies, the marketing of the Apple Watch before it was launched was focused more on advertising the device as a fashion accessory. For example, a 12-page advertising spread for the Apple Watch in an issue of Vogue focused on the different combinations of body and band styles available, and downplayed the technological aspects of it. However, Apple also underlined Apple Watch’s health and fitness-oriented features, as well as some useful features for wheelchair users and a new Breathe app.
  • iWatch and Apple Watch: The Apple Watch was not branded as iWatch due to trademark conflicts. In the United States, the iWatch trademark is owned by OMG Electronics and the company was crowdfunding its own watch under this name. In the European Union, the name is owned by Irish firm Probendi.
  • Viewing the Time Discreetly: On the second series of  the Apple Watch, if you want to check in on the time without raising your wrist, you can slowly twist the digital crown upwards. As soon as you do this, it will brighten up the screen gradually to let you peek in instead of fully illuminating the watch screen.
  • Unlock the Apple Watch from an iPhone: If the user didn’t unlock the Apple Watch in the initial setup process, he or she can unlock the Watch and iPhone at the same time without having to hammer in a passcode. To do this, the user should go to the Watch companion app. Once there, the user can toggle the Unlock with iPhone feature on or off. Keep in mind that the Apple Watch must be on the wrist for this feature to work.
  • Organize the App Dock: With watchOS 3, it is possible to view all currently open apps. To view apps, press the action button. The user can also customize how these open apps are displayed. After the user has pressed the action button to open up the dock, the user should press and hold on any of the app widgets. Now, the user can drag it up or down to change the order of the apps.
  • Ejecting Water: The second series of the Apple Watch is waterproof. The watch includes an eject mode which helps to get rid of water lurking inside after the user has gone swimming. It is also possible to manually use this feature. To proceed, just swipe up from the main home screen to view the Apple Watch Control Center. Then, find and press the water droplet icon. You will then be prompted to twist the Digital Crown to eject the water.
  • Scribble a Message: Apple got rid of the Friends Circle for the second series of its watch. This decision meant that the Digital Touch was moved to Messages. On the Apple Watch second series, if the user wants to scribble a note to a friend instead of dictating one or picking one of Apple’s pre-loaded responses, he or she can scroll down to the bottom of a message thread and hit the Scribble button.
  • How to Take a Screenshot: Both the Apple Watch and the Series 2 can take screenshots. To perform this operation, the user must hold down the digital crown and the action button below it at the same time. Note that when the user takes a screenshot, images are saved to your camera roll on the paired iPhone. If the Apple Watch has been upgraded to watchOS 3, this feature is not set as default. In this case to enable screenshots, the user should go to the Watch companion app and then go to General. There the user will be able to toggle Enable Screenshots on or off.
  • Unlocking Mac from Apple Watch: There is a way that the user can use the Apple Watch original and the Apple Watch Series 2 to skip typing in a password on your Mac to get access. Also note that if the user wants to pair the two devices together, he or she should make sure they are both signed into the same iCloud account. The next step is to head to the Mac (make sure it’s running macOS Sierra or later) and choose System Preferences. Under System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, and then head to General. Here the user will be able to set the Apple Watch to unlock the Mac. The user should make sure two-factor authentication is enabled as well on the Mac (for this, the user must go to System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details > Security).
  • How to Turn on Auto Pause During a Run: Like on the Samsung Gear S3, Apple also lets you halt run tracking when the user gets interrupted or has to stop at a set of traffic lights. The user can also enable automatic run pausing simply by heading to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, choosing the My Watch section and then selecting Workout. There the user will be able to toggle Running Auto Pause on.


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