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The Apple Watch incorporates functionality, fitness tracking, communications, health evaluation and other options into a classic look. The device uses watchOS, which is integrated using iOS 8.2 or later with other Apple products and services. It relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone 5 or later models, in order to perform certain functions through the Bluetooth. Apple Watch is available in four versions: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Curious Facts

What is the difference between resetting the Apple Watch and erasing the Apple Watch?: The process of resetting is similar to the process of restarting Apple Watch, but when you reset the device, you reset key system settings that might have become corrupted. Resetting does not remove data and media files from Apple Watch. When you erase Apple Watch, all the information will be removed. To reset Apple Watch, just press and hold the Side button. When the Power screen appears, wipe the Power Off button to the right to turn off the watch. Next press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

What is Better – A Standard Regular Passcode Or a Long Password?: A four-digit regular passcode is adequate for protection. Apple Watch uses a security mechanism featuring increasing timeouts after multiple failures to enter the correct password. Thus an unauthorized user can’t discover the passcode just by chance, trying each of ten thousand possible four-digit combinations in turn. Professionals however may have cutting-edge tools that try a passcode, and if the attempt fails immediately shut off the device’s power to prevent it from registering the failed attempt. Thus a longer passcode provides better protection. If you need high security, create a long passcode with uses at least eight digits.

Sharing Activity Rings: Apple’s answer to Fitbit, Garmin and the rest of the fitness tracker fraternity is its Activity platform. This is where all of your daily movements are recorded. In its latest iteration, the user can share activity progress with other Apple Watch users. To do this, you need to add friends, which has to be done by going to the dedicated Activity app on the paired iPhone. The user can then selectSharing and hit the + icon in the corner to add contacts. Back on the Apple Watch, go to the Activity app and swipe right to see Activity data from your friends. The user can also comment on workouts to keep them motivated, or to make fun of them.

How to Change Text Size: If you find yourself constantly squinting at your wrist to read the Watch’s notifications, you can change the text size. To do this, head to Settings > Brightness & text size then configure to what’s comfortable for you.

Check in on Storage: Apple Watch has enough space to accommodate apps, emails, and music. If you want to see how much storage you have to play with, head to the Apple Watch companion app, next go to General and once there select Usage. Once there,  you’ll be able to get a breakdown of how much space apps are taking up.

How to Change the Wrist Raise Action: In the Apple Watch settings menu turn on Wrist Raise feature. Choose to open Last Used app, and whichever app you were using when your Apple Watch went into power saving will be returned when you raise your wrist to check the screen. You can put it from this setting within the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone – go to General > Wake Screen > Resume Last Activity.

How to Reply to Emails from Your Wrist: Replying to an email was not possible from your Apple Watch first series, as it was restricted to just SMS messages in the watchOS 1. From the second series of Apple Watches on, you can easily respond to emails. You can use the pre-ordained responses or tap the microphone to dictate replies with your voice.

How to Use Picture Watch Faces: Apple Watch selects images from the Favorites folder on the connected iPhone by default. You can go and tag some images in iOS by using the heart button you will see at the bottom. When you use the photo album watch face it will randomly select photos from the folder. You can also tap the face to cycle through images.

Ping Your iPhone: If you lost your iPhone, you can use your Apple Watch to find it. To do so, swipe up to bring up the Control Center, look for the Ping iPhone button and tap to be reunited with your iPhone.

Force restart: Use this action as a last resort. You should use Force restart only if you’re left with no other choice. To Force restart, hold the Digital Crown and side button together for ten seconds. Just like restarting your iPhone, the Apple logo will pop up and your watch should restart..

Cover to Mute: If your Watch is set to notify you or ring with sounds, but you’re in the middle of a meeting or situation where loud dings are rude, you can turn on Cover to Mute in the Sound & Haptics settings. Simply cover your watch for three seconds for it take effect.


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