Apple Watch: How to Reset and Restore From Backup

You may need to erase your Apple Watch in order to recover from an issue if the settings on your Apple Watch become corrupted. Don’t forget, that erasing your Apple Watch removes all the content and data. But, you can restore the content and data easily from the backup afterwards. To erase your Apple Watch, use the Reset screen in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Apple Watch: How to Reset and Restore From Backup

How to reset Apple Watch from iPhone

  • Press the Home on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Apple Watch on the Home screen.
  • When the Apple Watch app opens, tap My Watch.
  • On the My Watch screen tap General.
  • On the General screen, tap Reset.
  • When the Reset screen appears tap Erase All Contents and Settings.
  • A confirmation dialog box will open and warn you that if you continue, all data will be deleted and all settings will be reset.
  • Tap Erase All Contents and Settings
  • A second confirmation dialog box will open and repeat the warning.
  • Tap Erase All Contents and Settings again.
  • The dialog box closes. Apple Watch app will erase the data and reset all the settings.
  • Apple Watch restarts and a greeting screen will appear.
  • Now tap Start Pairing and pair the iPhone to the Apple Watch. If you cannot pair Apple Watch to the iPhone automatically, you can pair the devices manually instead of automatic pairing.

Restore Apple Watch From Backup

After your Apple Watch is paired with the iPhone, you can restore data to Apple Watch by selecting the appropriate backup.

  • Log into your Apple account and perform two-step verification on one of your devices.
  • When the Your Apple Watch Is Paired appears, tap Restore from Backup.
  • Tap the backup you want to use.
  • When the Terms and Conditions screen appears, tap Agree.
  • The Terms and Conditions dialog box will appear, so you must tap Agree again.
  • When the Apple ID appears, tap Enter Password and type your password.
  • Then tap Next and you’ll see the Two-Step Verification screen.
  • In the Verify With list, tap the appropriate device.
  • Now tap Send, and the sending screen will appear.
  • The Verification Code dialog box appears on the device you chose. It will show four-digit number for verifying your account.
  • Tap OK and the Enter Code screen appears.
  • Now type the verification code.
  • The Location Services screen appears. It will explain what Location Services does, whether it is enabled, as well as how you can enable and disable it. Tap OK.
  • The Siri screen will appear, explaining what Siri does, whether it is enabled and how you can enable and disable it. Tap OK.
  • The Diagnostic screen appears. It explains what the purpose of sending diagnostics and usage data to Apple is, whether sending the data is enabled and how you can enable or disable it. Tap OK.
  • The Apple Watch Passcode screen appears. Tap Create a Passcode and follow the prompts to create a password in order to protect the watch against an unauthorized access (you can create a standard four-digit passcode or a complex, long password containing as many digits as you want – in this case you’ll have to tap it each time you unlock your Apple Watch). You can unlock your Apple Watch automatically. In fact, this feature is handy, but it somewhat reduces the security of Apple Watch. (Tap Don’t Add Passcode only if you are setting the device for demonstration purposes).
  • When the Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone screen appears you’ll see the Do You Want to Unlock Apple Watch With Your iPhone? screen. Now tap Yes or No, as appropriate.
  • Now, on the iPhone, the Apple Watch Is Syncing screen will appear while iPhone syncs data to your Apple Watch.
  • Press Home to exit the setup process. When the sync finishes, your Apple Watch will display the watch face. Now, you can start using the Apple Watch as before.


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