Apple Watch: Passcode

As your Apple Watch may contain sensitive and personal data, you should secure it with a passcode. You can set or change a passcode either directly on the Apple Watch itself, or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, giving this app a command and then entering the passcode on your Apple Watch.

How to Secure Your Apple Watch with a Passcode

Setting or Changing the Passcode on Your Apple Watch

  • Raise your wrist to wake the Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • Click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • On the Home screen, tap Settings to display the Settings screen.
  • Tap Passcode to display the Passcode screen.
  • Now you can tap Disable Passcode to turn it off. In this case, when disabling the passcode, you must enter your current passcode.
  • You can set the Unlock with iPhone switch to Off to disable unlocking the Apple Watch along with your iPhone.
  • Tap Change Passcode to change it.
  • When the Enter Current Passcode screen appears, type your current passcode.
  • When the Enter New Passcode screen appears, type the new passcode.
  • When the Re-Enter New Passcode screen appears, type your new passcode again. Now, your Apple Watch will start using the new passcode.

Setting or Changing the Passcode from the Apple Watch App

  • On your iPhone, press Home to display the Home screen.
  • On the Home screen, tap Apple Watch to open the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch to see the My Watch screen.
  • On the My Watch screen, tap Passcode to display the Passcode screen.
  • You can tap Turn Passcode Off to turn off the passcode. In this case you must enter the existing passcode on the Apple Watch.
  • You can set the Simple Passcode switch to Off to enable setting a passcode longer than four characters.
  • You can set the Unlock with iPhone switch to On to unlock the Apple Watch when you unlock your iPhone.
  • You can set the Erase Data switch to On to have the Apple Watch erase all data after ten failed passcode attempts. In fact, you should set the Erase Data switch to On for security, in order to keep your Apple Watch safe any time you are not wearing the device. On the contrary, if children get their hands on your Apple Watch, you are likely to find its contents erased in short order, if you enable Erase Data.
  • Tap Change Passcode.
  • On the Apple Watch, enter your new passcode.
  • Re-enter the new passcode.

Note: You can recover your Apple Watch after losing your passcode. Reset the Apple Watch and restore the settings and data from backup. See: How to Erase Apple Watch and Restore it from Backup.


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