Apple Watch: How to Use Passbook Guidelines

On Apple Watch, the Passbook app enables the user to carry essential documents on Apple Watch. The user can easily display them as needed. It is possible to add the boarding pass for a flight to Passbook and then display the boarding pass on Apple Watch to scan its Quick Response code (QR code) at the gate. The Passbook app on Apple Watch automatically syncs all the documents from the same app on iPhone.

Apple Watch: How to Use Passbook Guidelines

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • When the watch face appears, click the Digital Crown.
  • On the Home screen that appears, tap Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • On the Passbook screen, tap the document you want to use or view.
  • When the document opens, you can tap Close to close it and return to the Passbook screen.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise, and further details will appear.
  • If you continue to turn the Digital Crown clockwise, the Quick Response code (QR code) appears full screen, so you can screen it on a terminal.
  • Tap the screen. The top of the document will appear. You can tap Close to close it.

Apps for Apple Watch that Support Passbook

You can add to Passbook apps that supports it. You can flip through these apps with your fingertip to see each of the services inside Passbook and get them ready for when you need them. You can also be notified when you step inside of a supported retailer or another location.

Starbucks: Starbucks was one of the earliest adopters who worked on a Passbook card which can be used at all the Starbuck locations across the country (and the globe). You will need the official Starbucks app to set the Passbook card working.

Target: If you use the Target app and are trying to manage your Target mobile coupons, you’re probably going to like it very much that there’s Passbook support. You can have all your Target coupons in the Passbook app for easy access. Again, you’re going to need the Target app to get the ball rolling.

Walgreens: Walgreens has the Balance Rewards program, and if you find picking your meds from here often, you’ve got the chance to save through a few discounts. The app offers a way to keep them all in your Passbook app. Walgreens offers support for Passbook. Besides, the Passbook barcode also lets you get instant refills on your drugs.

Fandango: Fandango was smart enough to support Passbook on the iPhone, so if you’re booking movie tickets through Fandango, you can most probably use Passbook to store them for later.

TicketMaster: At select venues only, TicketMaster tickets can be scanned directly from your iPhone. Make sure that at the venue you’re going; those folks don’t frown or say no when you show them your iPhone to see the movie. TicketMaster’s app lets you save the tickets you buy through the app as a Passbook card. If the ticket you bought shows a mobile barcode, it means you get to save it on Passbook and use that at the movie.

AMC: AMC Stubs are quite popular, and if you’re one of those using ‘them Stubs,’ you’d be interested in keeping them for use. Note that the app doesn’t let you save tickets you booked on the mobile as Passbook cards. You’ve got Fandango for that. However, if you want to keep track of your AMC Stubs, you’ve got Passbook helping you do just that.

Square: Square and Lemon both have been at the forefront of helping customers keep their wallets away. Square’s more popular and they’ve got their Passbook support right. If you’ve set up Square already on your iPhone (added the cards, details et cetera), you can then export that as a Passbook card so you can use that up whenever you want to make a payment.

United Airlines: United Airlines iPhone AppIf you book tickets on UA, you can get those boarding passes up on Passbook to monitor the status and to clear your way through the checker. The US airline added Passbook support way back in October last year, and quite a lot of users have benefited from it. You’ll need the app to get this done, though.

Lufthansa: If you’re flying Lufthansa and would like to have your boarding pass on the iPhone, safely tucked into your app, you’ve got it. Book tickets on their app/website and then you can directly open the Passbook link on your iPhone. It gets saved as a pass on the Passbook app.

American Express: AmEx comes up with a viable solution for its customers. With AmEx’s, you get real-time updates on the transactions on your card. Pretty nifty and safe way to keep your card and the transactions monitored. The app basically works like a KeyRing, but the key to Passbook is it can do location-based stuff, and it can do real-time. Of course, these are features available on a handful of other apps too. But if you’ve got Passbook and using it, you’ll probably feel more organized every time you need to pick up the coupons to use or the ticket to show.


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