Apple Watch: Stocks App

On Apple Watch, the Stock app enables users to stay up to date with the latest stock information on up to 20 stocks. It is easy to choose the default stock to display in Glances and as a complication on the watch face. It is also possible to choose the piece of information that the complication shows, such as the stock’s current price.

Configuring the Stocks App and Your Stocks

How to Configure the Stocks App

  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Apple Watch to open the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch to view the My Watch screen.
  • Tap Stocks to display the Stocks screen.
  • Set the Show in Glances switch to On to display the Stock Glance in Glances, which is usually helpful.
  • In the Clock Face Complication Shows list, tap Current Price, Points Change, Percentage Change or Market Cap, as needed.
  • Tap Default Stock to display the Default Stock screen.
  • Tap the stock you want as the default.
  • You can also tap Mirror iPhone to make the Stocks app on Apple Watch use the default stock from the Stock Apps on iPhone.

How to Put Your Stocks in Order

  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Stocks to open the Stocks app.
  • Tap Edit, and the Stocks list opens for editing. The Stocks app on Apple Watch displays the first twenty stocks in the Stocks list on iPhone. In case you have more stocks in your Stocks list, move the twenty stocks you want to see on Apple Watch to the top of the list.
  • You can tap Add to add a stock.
  • You can tap Delete to the left of a stock. Then tap Delete again to remove a stock.
  • Tap a movement handle and a stock up or down.
  • When you finish rearranging stocks, tap Done.

Tip: It is in fact possible to see more than 20 stocks on Apple Watch by using third-party apps which give access to stocks beyond the 20 that Apple Watch can display. Certain companies have released stock market apps for Apple Watch, other brokerage are likely to do the same.


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