Apple Watch: Stopwatch app – complete guide

The Stopwatch app is useful for timing events. On Apple Watch, the Stopwatch app enables users to time events accurately to hundredth of seconds. This app helps to mark lap times during the timing, which is helpful when you track races. You can switch among four views to focus on different aspects of he timing: Analog, Digital, Graph, Hybrid. You can stop and restart the stopwatch and needed. You can reset the stopwatch when you finish timing.

How to Use the Stopwatch App

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • The face watch will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Stopwatch, and the Stopwatch will appear showing the view you last used.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the Views screen will appear.
  • Tap Analog, and the Analog view will appear.
  • Tap Start, and the Stopwatch starts running. Start sign (green circle) changes to Stop (red sign).
  • The orange hand on the main dial shows the seconds.
  • The small dial shows the minutes.
  • The digital readout shows the time elapsed.
  • Tap Lap, and the blue hand will show the current lap time.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the views screen will appear.
  • Tap Digital to view the Digital screen.
  • Tap Lap again. The readout will show the time elapsed.
  • The lap time appears in the list. (You can tap the screen and slide your finger up to see lap times lower down the list.
  • Force-touch the screen to see the View screen.
  • Tap Graph, and the Graph view will appear.
  • The Graph shows the relative speeds of your laps.
  • Tap Stop, and the Stopwatch will stop.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the Views screen will appear.
  • Tap Hybrid, and the Hybrid view will appear.
  • If you want to restart timing, you can tap Start.
  • If you want to reset the stopwatch, tap Reset.

Starting the Stopwatch App Quickly

To start the stopwatch almost immediately, out the Stopwatch complication on the watch face. You can tap then the Stopwatch complication to go straight to the Stopwatch app. You can also see the elapsed time in the Stopwatch directly on the watch face. This feature may be great for monitoring your progress in longer events.

A Few More Words About the Stopwatch App

Stopwatch is a very useful app even if you aren’t a coach or a professional athlete. Stopwatches are handy in cooking, cosmetic or medical procedures. Measuring time with stopwatch can be informative in time management.

Stopwatches can be integrated in other watch apps or be stand-alone’s. Modern stopwatches and timers allows to save the most frequent periods. For instance, if you cook one and the same dish for the same amount of time. Like in
Easy Cooking Timer – Easy Cooking Timer allows a cook to precisely schedule the cooking workflow. Periods can be named after products, i. e. “Carrots – 20 minutes” or “Chicken – 31 minute”.

The app is integrated with the Workflow Today Widget for you to monitor the progress.

Moment App

Moment app has been developed with time management in mind. This app is meant to improve one’s time managing skills allowing you to set everyday goals and track them. You can also assign the period of time to any event on your calendar, thus enhancing the work effectiveness. The results are stored, of course, for you to better monitor your progress.


Tick is a multi-tasking timer app that allows you to start a new timer instantly. It integrates with Freshbooks, Quickbooks and Basecamp to provide accurate time tracking and budget feedback that play a crucial role for any project management. The daily and weekly time goals are displayed in the Apple Watch Homescreen.

Most stopwatches and timers drain the battery quickly as they use the display a lot. The display is the most power consuming part of any gadget. Please, remember to check the charge level when using the apps. If your Apple Watch dies when the stopwatch is on, you lose the results.

Apple Watch Faces

Solar Watch Face – users can rotate the digital crown to see the position of the sun at a particular time, including sunrise and sunset times.

Astronomy Watch Face – rotating the digital crown will rotate the earth. Tapping on the moon will fly your over to the moon and show its current phase. The past and future phases of the moon can be viewed by rotating the digital crown. The user can tap on the planets and see the complete solar system which displays the accurate positions of the planets. To see the list of planets and their names the user double taps this display. Rotating the digital crown in the solar system view will show either past or future positions of the solar system. You can go as far as you possible want – even 50 years from now.

Motion Watch Face – tap the jellyfish, butterfly or flower to load a new one.

Users can create new Watch Faces by force touching a watch face and swiping to the extreme right and tapping new. This will be saved as a new custom face (with the same name as its original version though). Users can apply this as the current face or in the selection view, by swiping up on it to delete it.


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  • I used this app once at a wedding ceremony. The ceremony began with a solemn service held under an outdoor canopy known as the chuppah. The bride circles the groom seven times and they recited seven blessings. And at this precise moment my Apple Watch Stopwatch App started chiming. Wow, everybody was shocked. They were mad at me.

  • I don’t know if this is the complete guide about the Stopwatch application, but I have the Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Sport is meant for sports, fitness and outdoor activities. It can plot your pulse and calculate your calories spent and meters walked. Take Apple Watch Sport to your gym, go digital! Why should I use Stopwatch app when in real life I always try not to forget about all its nice features.

  • Why are you talking about Apple Sport? They are not different from any other Apple Watch in this matter. You can easly change any app, add or remove them the only difference is the name and the brand behind (Nike in this case).

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