Apple Watch: Stopwatch App

The Stopwatch app is useful for timing events. On Apple Watch, the Stopwatch app enables users to time events accurately to hundredth of seconds. This app helps to mark lap times during the timing, which is helpful when you track races. You can switch among four views to focus on different aspects of he timing: Analog, Digital, Graph, Hybrid. You can stop and restart the stopwatch and needed. You can reset the stopwatch when you finish timing.

How to Use the Stopwatch

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • The face watch will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Stopwatch, and the Stopwatch will appear showing the view you last used.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the Views screen will appear.
  • Tap Analog, and the Analog view will appear.
  • Tap Start, and the Stopwatch starts running. Start sign (green circle) changes to Stop (red sign).
  • The orange hand on the main dial shows the seconds.
  • The small dial shows the minutes.
  • The digital readout shows the time elapsed.
  • Tap Lap, and the blue hand will show the current lap time.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the views screen will appear.
  • Tap Digital to view the Digital screen.
  • Tap Lap again. The readout will show the time elapsed.
  • The lap time appears in the list. (You can tap the screen and slide your finger up to see lap times lower down the list.
  • Force-touch the screen to see the View screen.
  • Tap Graph, and the Graph view will appear.
  • The Graph shows the relative speeds of your laps.
  • Tap Stop, and the Stopwatch will stop.
  • Force-touch the screen, and the Views screen will appear.
  • Tap Hybrid, and the Hybrid view will appear.
  • If you want to restart timing, you can tap Start.
  • If you want to reset the stopwatch, tap Reset.

Starting the Stopwatch Quickly

To start the stopwatch almost immediately, out the Stopwatch complication on the watch face. You can tap then the Stopwatch complication to go straight to the Stopwatch app. You can also see the elapsed time in the Stopwatch directly on the watch face. This feature may be great for monitoring your progress in longer events.



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