Apple Watch: Using Emoji to Send Messages

Apple Watch enables you to insert emoticons, smileys and other pictures in your messages, using the Emoji feature. Device provides two types of emojis: large emojis you can customize and send on their own; and hundreds of standard emoji that run the range from faces to drinks and animals, and as well as to clock faces. It is possible to send Emoji by using either the Messages app or the Message feature in the Friends app.

In fact, there are about 200 different animated emojis you can choose from on Apple Watch, ranging from simple faces of different colors to hand gestures, hearts and other objects. As we have already stated, all emojis can be accessed via Messages, and can be customized to fit any context.

How to Use Emoji in Your Messages

How To Start a New Message

  • You can start a new message in either the Messages app or the Friends app.
  • To use the Messages app, click the Digital Crown and tap Messages on the Home screen.
  • Force-touch the Messages screen to display the Options screen.
  • Tap New Message to create a new message.
  • On the New Message screen tap Add Contact and select the contact.
  • To use the Friends app, click the side button.
  • On the Friends screen, turn the Digital Crown to select the appropriate friend or simply tap the friend.
  • Tap Message to display the New Message screen.

How to Display the Emoji Screen and Browse the Emoji

  • On the New Message screen, tap Create Message.
  • Tap Emoji to display the Emoji screen.
  • The Emoji screen at first displays either the last emoji used or the default yellow emoji if you have not used any emoji yet.

Several screens of emoji arу available. You can swipe left to move to subsequent emoji screens. Swipe right to move back to earlier oneы. Swipe to the final screen to reach the standard emoji.

How to Create a Custom Emoji

The first several emoji screens contain the customizable emoji: the yellow face emoji, the heart emoji, the hand emoji, etc.

  • Swipe left or right to display the customizable emoji you want to use.
  • Turn the Digital Crown to cycle through the variations on the emoji.
  • You can also force-touch the screen to change the emoji to the next available color.
  • When you are satisfied with the emoji, tap Done to send this emoji.

How to Send a Standard Emoji

  • To send a standard emoji, tap Emoji.
  • The Emoji screen will open.
  • Swipe left until the screen showing standard emoji appears. The screen arranges the emoji into several categories. They include People, Food & Drink, Nature, Celebration, Travel & Places, Activity, Objects & Symbols, Frequently Used.
  • Turn the Digital Crown to scroll the list up and down, or simply swipe or drag with your finger.
    Tap the emoji you want to send. The App Messages will insert it into a message and send it.

Tip: How to Replace Words with Emoji in Messages

If you want to replace words with emojis in Messages, you should proceed as follows:

  • Start by typing your message in the Messages app.
  • Then tap on the smiley face button towards the bottom left of the screen and select the emoji keyboard. Note that you may have to hold this button if you have multiple third party keyboards installed.
  • Now Messages will scan your text for emoji replaceable words and highlight them in orange.
  • As soon as the replaceable words appear in orange, simply tap on each word to replace it with an emoji. Once you’re done, you’re ready to send your message full of emojis.

A Few Curious Facts about Emojis

  • The faces are the most customizable, with dozens of yellow options and dozen of red options, combining for a total of more than a hundred of different faces.
  • They say the heart is available in red, purple and blue, each with nine options, making for a total of twenty-seven different hearts. There are also fourteen white hand gestures.
  • The default colors of the emoijis may not best fit your mood. For example, for many  users, when they are mad, they will prefer to send a red-faced emoji which they consider much better than the standard yellow affair. Thus the next time you select the option to send an emoji, you can change the color of the respective icon by pressing on the screen of your watch (otherwise known as Force Touch). Just a quick press, and the color is changed. Another quick press and the color changes again.
  • In July of 2016, Apple rolled out its first emoji sticker packs for Messages in iOS 10. At that moment it was available only to those folks who agreed to test its first beta release. The packs included the Smileys, Hearts, and Hands stickers found on Apple Watch. They also included a Classic Mac collection. Stickers are all part of Apple’s big Messages overhaul, which will make the most-used app on iOS even more addictive. They’re a lot like the emoji characters we’re already familiar with, but they’re bigger – and they move.


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  • Using Emoji on Apple Watch is rather hard, at least with this tiny screen (not so tiny, but not destined for emoki if you can see what I mean). But it’s an amazing feature.

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