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Sedentary life is the plague of the modern world. No wonder we have to work out to make up for this morbid life style. And here a good reliable fitness tracker is what the doctor ordered.

Apple Watch Work Out

Apple Watch features a nice Workout App for you and is a must-have in staying fit and sporty. It comes in handy for the most necessary workout of all – the cardio one. While walking, running, swimming or using various exercise machines, it’s crucial to track the heart pulse, as calories are burnt at a certain heart-rate. And with Workout app the Apple Watch does just this. But what’s more, it tracks and measures the wearer’s speed, distance, heart-rate and calorie-burning performance as well.

Here are some tips and how-to’s about the Workout app features on your Apple Watch.

It covers how to set a target in time, calories burned or distance, how to change the distance measurement from miles to kilometres, how to view the completed workout stats and more.

Please, keep in mind, that workout in this text means cardio workout only.

Get started

Press the Digital Crown to go to the Home screen, then tap the green icon with the running man on it to open the app. Select the type of activity: run, cycle, swim, walk. The app even differentiates the types of activities, i.e. indoor run or outdoor one, indoor cycling or outdoor cycling. Tap the option you need.

Set a calorie, time or distance target

Option chosen, you see a screen where you can set the calorie-burn. Swipe left to set the time target for the workout. Scroll up and down with the Digital Crown to set the figure you’d like to aim for.

With outdoor run or walk selected, you can also set a distance you’d like to cover. Swipe left once more and specify the number of miles you plan to run or walk. The Apple Watch can’t tell the distance though if you’re working out on the rowing or elliptical machine, because in this case you stay on one and the same spot.

Among other options, the Work Out App suggests, are wheelchair workouts. There are two wheelchair-specific workouts for outdoor pushing that measure time, pace, distance, calories, and heart rate: Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace and Outdoor Wheelchair Run Pace. The one is done at or about a walking speed and the other – at or about a running speed. You don’t have to maintain a steady pace and you can mix speeds in either one. For wheelchair cycling or basketball, please, use other Apps.

Set target distance

The distance you ran last time will be saved by the app and you won’t have to scroll through the numbers again.
Change Apple Watch Workout app from miles to kilometers

If you’d like to see the distance in kilometers, here’s the tip for you: Press firmly on the display while you’re on the distance set screen and then tap the KM icon.

Free session

  • Swipe left one more time to start exercising without a target. Your performance will still be measured.
  • Tap Start to begin your workout.
  • During workout
  • View progress during your workout

By default, the Workout app shows progress towards your goal (if specified) as a ring on the lefthand side of the screen – as on the Activity app, the ring fills in clockwise and a complete ring represents a completed target. The time of day is top right, the type of workout is top left, and your current running/walking pace, as a time per mile, is at the bottom.

Default stats

Default stats are pictographic: the little blue dot on the left is the beginning of a ring that will indicate progress towards your goal.

Change the measurements to numerical ones: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down and tap the Workout icon, then tap ‘Show Goal Metric’ to turn it green. The ring will be replaced with a number, in miles, calories or minutes.

Change visible stats: To change the other information displayed around the screen during your workout simply swipe left or right on the bottom element, or tap on the top-right element, to see other options. Tapping the time of day at top-right, for instance, will cycle through speed (in time per mile again) and the time you’ve been exercising.

The Workout app will automatically remember the display options you select. The same type of activity and metric will be displayed next time.

Finish workout

At any point you can press firmly on the screen, and you’ll get the option to End or Pause.

This screen also shows your goal, and how close you are to completing it. Then you can either resume the work out or view full stats using the Digital Crown to scroll down.

The Work Out App is connected with the Activity App and the Health App. Scrolling down and tapping Save, you send the data to the Activity App and automatically to the Health App as well.

Name the workout

While viewing the stats, scroll down with the Digital Crown to find the Name Workout option. Tap it and choose the name.

Is the iPhone needed on the workout?

Not necessarily, but Apple recommends it for accuracy. At least for the first ones for the Apple Watch to learn your stride and running style. Once the gadget remembered your data, you’ll be able to leave your iPhone behind. But remember, that you won’t be able to measure the distance covered without the GPS tracker, and only iPhone got it.

It’s obvious that the Workout app on Apple Watch enables you to track the progress of your workouts. The workout app also feeds your exercise time and calorie expenditure to the Activity app, helping it to track your activity as a whole. By using the Workout screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone, you can choose whether to display to goal metric during workouts or whether to use Power saving mode to conserve battery life.


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  • I planned on running 3 miles today but it was too hot. Instead I ran 2 separate 1.5 mike runs an hour apart. The watch recorded my 1st run but not my 2nd run. I ended and saved both runs on my Apple Watch. Any way I can fix this. It registers on my number of steps I’ve already gone over 5 miles but it won’t display my 2nd run, including time and GPS tracker.

  • Hi, Heather! Unfortunately, the only idea we can come up with is to call Apple Support and ask them. We are sure they have something in their database to help you restore the work-out results. Good luck!

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