Apple Watch: How to Configure Handoff

The Handoff feature enables users to start a task on an Apple device and then continue it on another Apple device. The user can open a map on Apple Watch and then go straight to that location on iPhone. You need to turn on Handoff for your iPhone as a whole and then choose which groups of apps can use Handoff. Then you can turn on Handoff in the Apple Watch app in order to enable Apple Watch to use Handoff. So with Handoff, you can start work on one device, then switch to another nearby device and pick up where you left off. It is that simple.

How to Use Handoff on the Apple Watch [Video]

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How to Enable Handoff on iPhone

  • On iPhone press Home.
  • When the Home screen opens, tap Settings.
  • When the Settings screen appears, tap General.
  • On the General screen, tap Handoff & Suggested Apps.
  • On the Handoff & Suggested Apps screen set the Handoff switch to On.
  • Set the My Apps switch to On to use Handoff for the Apps you have installed.
  • Set the App store switch to On to see App store suggestions for relevant apps.

How to Enable Handoff on Apple Watch

  • Press Home on iPhone.
  • On the Home screen tap Apple Watch.
  • When the Apple Watch app opens, tap My Watch.
  • On the My Watch screen that has appeared, tap General.
  • On the General screen set the Enable Handoff switch to On.
  • Press Home twice.
  • Now the Apple Switcher appears. You can now tap the leftmost item to go to the indicated app using Handoff.

Troubleshooting with Handoff Feature

Apple introduced Handoff with iOs 8, and it has proved a very useful feature since. Handoff feature lets users switch from one iDevice to another and continue thus seamlessly their work on different devices. To make the long story short, if a user started typing an email on his or her Apple Watch, he (or she) can easily change the source or and complete the email typing on the iPhone. That is, Handoff feature is highly useful when you have to switch from one Apple device to another and work on different Apple devices.

And yes, Handoff feature is available on your Apple Watch. And this app is pretty easy to setup and use. However, There are some users complain sometimes (on different forums, in Facebook, in Google+, on Apple support forums, and so on) that they were not able to use Handoff feature switching from their iPhone to Apple Watch and vice-versa. For these annoyed and let’s face it, very unhappy users, we provide below some useful fix for this rare but known issue. You’ll learn about the possible fix. It seems, the solutions have been working with many users who in exchange provided and shared their experience with all the fellow Apple Watch owners. We suggest you give these solutions a try one by one and check after each try if the problem is resolved:

If Handoff feature is not working between Apple Watch and iPhone, proceed as follows:

  • Before starting the procedures, make sure the app you are trying is Handoff supported, as if it is not, it will be impossible for you to connect the feature. According to Apple, apps that work with Handoff include Apple Mail, Maps, Safari, Reminders, Contacts, Calendar App, Pages, Numbers, Keynote. Numerous third-party apps are also supported.
  • At first, check whether Bluetooth is enabled (toggle ON), on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • If no problem with Bluetooth has been detected, make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired.
  • Now check whether Handoff is enabled on both your devices – iPhone and Apple Watch. To check: on iPhone: Go to Settings → General → Handoff & Suggested Apps → Turn On Handoff. (Tap on Settings and then tap General on iDevices. Now tap on Handoff & Suggested Apps).
  • To enable Handoff on Apple Watch: on iPhone tap on Watch → My Watch → General → Enable Handoff.
  • Tap on My Watch then tap General on iPhone

Note: Curiously enough, when reading Apple forums, we read about one of the users who suggested that signing out from iCloud on iPhone and signing back in will certainly solve the issue. It obviously seems that there is no logic behind this bizarre trick, but many other users tried it and have commented later that this worked for them. So you can give it a try, why not?

  • Try restarting your iPhone and your Apple Watch.
  • Then disable Handoff feature (Toggle OFF) on both devices. Wait few seconds and the enable the feature again (toggle it back ON).

Those possible fixes can really solve the issue, and  most of the Apple Watch users have been able to resolve Handoff issue by following those recommendations.



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