As of this writing, computers are desgned for broadband internet. Of course, users can get by with old-fashioned dial-up access if necessary, but everbody loves broadband. Broadband offers three crucial advantages.


Broadband provides a faster connection (higher-bandwidth). That means webpages load much faster, and file downloads happen quicker. Video and music can be also streamed more easily. Broadband is much more suitable for setting up a home network and sharing the connection between two or more computers.

The phone lins is freed-up, as broadband lets people make and recieve calls while online (even when it works through the phone line). There is though one exception to that rule, as satellite broadband may require an outgoing dial-up connection.

Broadband is always on access, while with dial-up, each time people connect to the net, they must spend around half a minute actually dialing-up. On the contrary, broadband is always β€œon” and if your Mac is switched on, you are online if you have access to the Internet.

There exist various different types of broadband connection. The most common types are cable and ADSL. Cable broadband is provided by the same cable that provides cable TV, and it can be provided by the same companies. ADSL uses phone lines, it can be provided by phone companies or stadalone Internet Service Providers.

Neither ADSL nor cable offer any great advantage over the other. In fact, the main things to look out for are the speed – generally measured in Mbps and the download allowance, which determines how much you can use before incurring any extra fees.

You can also consider satellite broadband, but it’s not as desirble, partly because of it higher cost and higher latency (time lags between you clicking and anything actually happening.

Once you are settled on a connection type, you can select your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you choose an ISP who seems to have good recommendations and to know what they are doing, give it a go.

Once you’ve picked an ISP and contacted them, they should provide you with everything you need.


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