Check the Details on Apple Watch

You can use the About feature to see essential information about Apple Watch. The About screen in the Apple Watch app enables you see its hardware model number, the hardware serial number, capacity, the amount of space available, how many apps, photos and songs have been installed, the software version. From the About screen, you can change the descriptive name for Apple Watch.

Check the Details on Apple Watch

  • Press Home on iPhone.
  • Tap Apple Watch to see the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch to see the My Watch screen.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap About on the General screen.
  • On the About screen you’ll see the Capacity readout that shows the storage capacity of Apple Watch.
  • You’ll the Available readout which shows you how much storage space is available.
  • The Serial Number readout shows the serial number. You may need it for support or warranty issues.
  • Tap Name. On the Name screen tap the name you want to assign your watch.
  • Tap Done, and the General screen will appear again.
  • Drag up to scroll down and see more information.
  • Now you can tap SEID (for Secure Element Id) to display the SEID screen. It contains the unique name of the SEID used for Apple Pay.
  • Tap Legal to see the Legal screen. You can read there about Legal Notices, License Warranty, RF Exposure by tapping these notifications.
  • Tap About to see the About screen again.
  • Tap the General to see the General screen.



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