How to Configure Clock App on Apple Watch

Configure Clock App: On Apple Watch, the Clock app enables users to choose between 12-hour time and 24-hour time for digital watch faces. User can choose whether Apple Watch alerts them to timers and alarms set on iPhone and whether Apple Watch displays a red dot to alert them to unread notifications. User can also select a monogram to display in the Monogram complications on the Color watch face and customize the city abbreviations for the World Clock complication.

Apple Watch Clock Faces [Video]

Video uploaded by AppleInsider on April 25, 2015.

How to Configure Clock App

  • On iPhone, press Home to view the Home screen.
  • Now tap Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch app will open.
  • Tap My Watch to display the My Watch screen.
  • Tap Clock, and the Clock screen will appear.
  • Set the 24-Hour Time switch to On or Off, as needed.
  • Set the Push Alerts from iPhone switch to On to see alerts for iPhone timers and alarms.
  • Set the Notifications Indicator switch to On to enable the red notification light.
  • Tap Monogram to display the Monogram screen, and then type your monogram. Then tap Clock to return to the Clock screen.
  • Tap City Abbreviations no display the City abbreviations screen. On that screen tap the city whose abbreviation you want to change, and then type the new abbreviations.

Some of the Best Third-Party Apple Watch Complications

Pokémon Go brought along with it a handy watch face complication. In addition to notifying you about nearby Pokémon, the watch app lets you start Pokémon Go play sessions that can be logged as workouts. The sessions can also help with egg hatching, which requires you to travel certain distances for each egg. This is where the watch complications come in. You can glance at your wrist. The complication displays how far you’ve gone against how far you have left to go to hatch your egg.

iTranslate – This instant-translation app for the Apple Watch is pretty fantastic, but the complication is even better as it automatically figures out the local language based on your location and translates helpful phrases throughout the day like “Hello”, “Enjoy your meal,” and “Goodnight.” You need only tap the complication to go directly to the dictation screen to enter in your phrase to be translated.

HeartWatch – One of the best apps on the App Store for collecting and displaying information about how your heart is beating while you’re sleeping, exercising, or working, but it also has a great complication for your Apple Watch, too. Designed for the smallest complication area, HeartWatch shows your current high heart reading for the hour, along with a greater than, less than, or equal sign to compare it to past heart readings that day. Tapping it will open the HeartWatch app, which displays your current heart rate along with your highs, lows, and averages for the day.

Just Press Record – A small complication which is essentially a shortcut to the Just Press Record app, which hooks in to the Apple Watch’s microphone to let you record anything in earshot. You need only tap the complication to launch the app; and because Just Press Record takes advantage of Apple’s native apps framework, it’s speedy. No waiting three seconds for the app to query the iPhone. All the recorded audio get automatically synced back to the iPhone and any other devices via iCloud Drive.

Fantastical (versions 1, 2, etc.) – An excellent calendar app for your Apple Watch. While the watch app gives you a quick rundown of everything on your calendar for the next few days and lets you add new events with your voice, the Fantastical complication displays your next (or current) appointment, along with either a time frame or an “UNTIL” indicator letting you know when your meeting’s ending. It also supports Time Travel, letting you fast forward through the day’s events.

Carrot Weather – This weather app has a weather complication, and it couldn’t be better. It provides you with a large complication on the Apple Watch that lists the weather in icon form, what the temperature feels like, the highs and lows for the day, and a quick notation on what the sky’s doing—”cloudy later on,” “rain in three minutes,” and the like. Like any good weather complication should, it also works with Time Travel, letting you quickly see what to expect later on in the day.

ETA – A traffic prediction app that has gotten even better with a custom clock face complication. On its face, the complication offers a quick glance at a favorite travel location, estimated time to destination, and how much of a delay you’ll hit. Pretty useful on its own, but when you pair this with the Apple Watch’s Time Travel feature, it’s downright magic: Spin the Digital Crown, and you can figure out exactly when to leave your house in order to hit the least amount of traffic during your travels.

Hotwire – If you use Hotwire a lot to book hotels, you will love the app’s complication while traveling: It displays the name of your hotel along with check-in or check-out time. Tapping on the complication and then on your reservation will get you the address to the hotel along with other details – your confirmation number, for instance. The same goes for car rentals and flights.



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