How to Configure the Calendar App on Apple Watch

Apple Watch uses the Calendar app to enable the user to view the upcoming events, so that he or she can keep track of his or her commitments. It is possible to set the Calendar app on Apple Watch to mirror the Calendar app on iPhone, making Apple Watch automatically pick up iPhone’s Calendar settings. Alternatively, users can configure Calendar manually. Users can also choose whether the Calendar Glance appears on Apple Watch or not.

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How to Configure the Calendar App

  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • On the Home screen, tap Apple Watch to open Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch, and the My Watch screen will appear.
  • Tap Calendar to open the Calendar screen.
  • Set the Show in Glances switch to On to show the Calendar Glance for quick access. The list will show the settings Calendar is picking up from iPhone. (Note that by default Calendar uses the Mirror My iPhone settings.
  • To customize Calendar settings, tap Custom. Otherwise, skip the remaining steps.
  • When the Alerts area of the screen appears, set the Show Alerts switch to On if you prefer to see alerts. Otherwise, skip the remaining steps.
  • When the list of alerts appears below the Show Alerts switch, tap Upcoming Events to display the Upcoming Events screen.
  • Set the Show Upcoming Event Alerts switch to On to see alerts for upcoming events.
  • Set the Sound switch to On to receive sound notifications.
  • Set the Haptic switch to On to receive notifications via vibration.
  • Tap Calendar, and the Calendar screen will appear again.
  • Tap Invitations to display the Invitation screen.
  • Set the Show Invitations Alerts switch to On to see alerts for invitations.
  • Set the Sound switch to On to receive notifications via vibration.
  • Tap Calendar to display the Calendar screen.
  • Tap Invitee Responses and choose notification settings.
  • Tap Shared Calendar Alerts and choose notification settings.

A Few Other Calendar Apps for Apple Watch

  • GoodTask 2, developed by Haha Interactive – a task management app that re-imagines the idea of reminders.. And with the at a glance nature of the Apple Watch, reminders are now more immediate than ever before.
  • 24me Smart Personal Assistant – a productivity slash calendar app, which describes itself as a “smart and automatic personal assistant”. There is a whole lot of productivity power involved here. The app gives you an at a glance look at your day including the things you have to do: meetings, classes, bills to be paid, etc. The user can bring up maps to help him or her reach their destination, get traffic alerts to ease navigation, and even weather updates to work out how best to arrange the day schedule.
  • Weel Calendar – For those who have used Week Calendar on the iPhone, this update for the Apple Watch should offer few surprises. The app gives an insightful look at the day ahead, or tomorrow’s events, allowing you to keep to your daily schedule with a quick glance at your watch. You can go in and select which calendars you wish to show on your Apple Watch from your iPhone, so as to condense your schedule info into the most important stuff, then use Siri to add any info you consider worthy of adding.
  • Tempo Smart Calendar – another well designed calendar app, and the same goes for its recent Apple Watch update. There is a certain emphasis here on the minute to minute management of each day, and in fact the app provides some nice functionality when it comes to updating those you are involved with of your whereabouts. If you are running late for a meeting, for example, you can simply use the quick predefined message function to send “coming late” or “I’ll be back” messages from your Apple watch to the people in question.
  • Moleskine Timepage – marketed as the most elegant calendar apps for your pocket and your wrist. The app has a very powerful calendar functionality that makes your management of each day and week a whole lot easier. The good thing about this calendar app, aside from the weather capabilities, is that your schedule is presented as a continuous timeline that can be scrolled through at will and makes it easy to flick between a single day and a whole week with a tap.
  • Sunrise Calendar app – The Sunrise keeps things simple and in many ways condense the functionality we’ve grown used to accessing on the iPhone or the iPad. Sunrise is particularly useful if you use Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud, syncing in with all of these different platforms to make organizing your life a whole lot easier. It also connects with social apps such as Facebook and Foursquare and productivity apps like Evernote and Trello to ensure that you are able to pass your schedule info from app to app with ease.
  • Fantastical 2 – it has a good interface and combines simplicity with complicated data to bring a whole new kind of power to your wrist when it comes to scheduling your time.


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