How to Configure the Contacts App

On Apple Watch, the Contacts app enables users to get in touch with their contacts and to see who is contacting them. It is possible to configure the Contacts app and to control the sort order and display order of contact names by using the Contacts screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. User can also shorten names that are too long to fit on-screen.

How to Configure the Contacts App

Press Home on iPhone, and the Home screen will appear.
Tap Apple Watch to open the Apple Watch app.
Tap My Watch, and the My Watch screen will appear.
Tap Contacts, and the Contacts screen will appear. The list will show the settings Contacts is picking up from iPhone (note that by default Contacts uses the Mirror My iPhone settings).
To customize Contacts settings, tap Custom. Otherwise, skip the remaining steps.
The Sort Order button, Display Order button, Short Name button will show,
Tap Sort Order to open the Sort Order screen.
Tap First, Last or Last, First to set the sort order.
Tap Contacts, and the Contacts screen will appear again.
Tap Display Order to view the Display Order screen.
Tap First, Last or Last, First to set the display order.
Tap Contacts again and the Contacts screen will appear again.
Tap Short Name to display the Short Name screen.
Set the Short Name switch to On to use short names.
Tap the short name format you like (such as First Name & Last Initial).
Set the Prefer Nicknames switch to On if you want Contacts to display Nicknames whenever they are available.

Best Sort Order and Best Display Order

The best sort order and the best display order for contacts depend on how you think of your contacts and how you use the Contacts app. If you tend to think of them by their first names, you might find that sorting by First, Last is more useful than sorting by Last, First.

Unless you have many contacts and need to parse them by last names, the First, Last display order produces a more useful list than the Last, First display order.

Just try with the settings to determine which order suits you best.


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