Extending Runtime of the Battery

You will likely want to squeeze as much run-time as possible out of the Apple Watch battery. According to Apple, the battery is supposed to give you 18 hours of normal use. However, this time drops if you use demanding features (making phone calls, tracking workouts, playing back audio, etc.). So in order to be able to use Apple Watch all day, you’ll need to try and manage your power usage. Here come some tricks…

Extending Apple Watch Run-time of the Battery

Turn Down the Screen Brightness

The higher you set the brightness, the more power it requires.

Use a Dark Watch Face

Using a watch face that is predominantly dark reduces power usage. Indeed, the type of screen Apple Watch uses is organic light-emitting diode (OLED). It displays black pixels more efficiently than lightedpixels. As a result, the darker the watch face you selected for your Apple Watch, the more power-efficient it is. Yes, it will be a rather modest improvement, but a dark watch face will give you some extra run-time.

Power-Hungry Activities

Try to avoid using your Apple Watch for activities which make it consume more energy, when power is running low. That’s try not to make phone calls, listen to the music, talk to your friends, and so on. If you need to know something, just check your notifications. You can always deal with some urgent matters, of course, but just refrain from browsing all the messages and respond them, don’t email people unless the matter is pressing, don’t use unnecessary apps.

Turn Off Activate on Wrist Raise

This feature is very useful as it is a neat way to display the watch face or the last app you have been viewing. However, you can really save power by turning it off. In this case Apple Watch will not monitor your wrist movements closely.

To turn off Activate on Wrist Raise, click the Digital Crown. When the Home screen displays tap Settings. Next, tap General. Tap Activate on Wrist Raise and then set Wrist Raise switch on Off.

Now, to turn the screen on, you’ll need to tap watch face or click the Digital Crown. Not the best way to see what happens, but it saves your battery if it is running low.

Avoid Draining of Battery Power

Apple Watch drains sometimes the battery on your paired iPhone, by communicating excessively with it. In this case reset the Apple Watch. To do this: Press and hold the side button until the Power screen appears. Swipe the Power Off button to the right to turn off Apple Watch. Press and hold Digital Crown and the side button together until the Apple logo appears.

Turn Off Notifications

You can also turn off notifications for all the non-vital apps. Of course, getting notifications is very useful feature which helps you stay up to date, but you should prune the list of apps on your Apple Watch to a sensible minimum. Apple Watch will not thus retrieve useless notifications, vibrate using battery and show them. You’ll not be distracted, and power consumption will be cut down.

Turn On Power Reserve Mode

Turning on Power Reserve Mode will limit your Apple Watch to only one function: it will be able to tell the time. But it is a very useful feature if your watch is running low on battery power. Your watch will not be able to play a bedtime music for your, neither it will wake you up in the morning, but you will certainly reduce the usage to a strict minimum. Your watch will be able to survive until you can charge it again.

To turn on Power Reserve Mode, press and hold the side button until the power screen appears. Now swipe the Power Reserve button to the right. For further details, see our text: Apple Watch Battery and Power Reserve Mode.


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