Franklin Ace 1200

Franklin Ace 1200 Apple Compatible personal computer was the first legal Apple II clone, manufactured by Franklin Computers Corporation company, US. This model was an upgrade to the Ace 1000 that came with CP/M Softcard and built-in dual drives as standard features. The Franklin ACE 1200 was also the only Apple compatible computer made by Franklin Computers Corporation.

Franklin Ace 1200

Introduction: 1983.


  • Processor: MOS/Commodore CPU – 6502. W/Z80
  • Speed: 1.022 MHz.
  • RAM: 48K.
  • ROM: 16K and more.
  • Storage: 1 or 2 integrated 160 KB 5.25″ floppy drives.
  • Expansion: 7 slots.
  • Text mode: 40 x 24.
  • Graphic mode: 40 x 48 / 208 x 160 / 280 x 192.
  • Colors: Monochrome.
  • Sound: 1 voice – built-in speaker.
  • Size: 46 Width x 50 Depth x 20.5 Height.
  • Video: Built in video, various resolutions to 320 x 192 x 16 color. Composite monitor or RF Modulator to TV supported.
  • I/O: Parallel, Serial Joystick, composite video, 8 Apple II compatible slots.
  • OS: Apple DOS, ProDOS, CP/M.
  • Keyboard: Full Stroke 71 keys.
  • Power supply: Built-in switching power supply unit
  • Peripherals: Apple II extensions.

Discontinuation and Price

Discontinuation: After 1984.

Price: US$2200.


  • Franklin ACE 1200 was notorious for its “gaming” qualities. Users played Computer Quarterback, Ultima series, Oregon Trail, Zork, Castle Wolfenstein, Wiz-type, Burger Time and dozens of other games. But it also helped thousands to learn to code in BASIC, and its software WordStar was perfect for the 80ies. The computer served users reliably.
  • The box lid plugged the two floppy drives and the keyboard had typematic and lower case ability.
  • The serial / parallel board experienced some compatibility flaws as printers connected to them were not automatically recognized by Apple II management software.
  • In September 1983, Franklin lost a trial against Apple for counterfeiting ROM software from Apple II and II+. The Apple IIe, launched later with 2 special keys allowed to distinguish between true Apple and compatible machines. However, Franklin still produced Apple II and PC compatible computers (ACE-500, ACE-2000, PC-8000) for about two years before devoting them to pocket translators.

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