General FAQ about Apple

FAQ about Apple… Here comes a very poetic and nice, tears-provoking introductory note about questions and answers about Apple and its products. Apple is getting millions of new customers every year, and many of them are not just the old guard picking up a new device. New customers, new to Apple’s products come from everywhere, typically form the world of Microsoft Windows. These switchers are welcome to the world of Apple, and many of them, we hope, will be interested to learn a bit more about their new product… We can’t promise that we’ll depict every little trick and tidbit here, but we really want to share our knowledge with other people.

We hope these line will help you learn more about Apple!

General Questions and Answers (FAQ about Apple)

Open spoilers/Close spoilers

What is Apple’s mission statement?

Why Apple is Apple and not Pear, or Plum, or a Blackberry, for that matter?

Who designed the first Apple’s logo?

Is Apple's name a tribute to Alan Turing who ate a posion apple to commit suicide?
What do the multicolored stripes on early version of the Apple's logo mean?

What does the “i” in Apple devices, apps and OS stand for?
Can I run other OS on my Mac?

Should I set up two-step verification for my Apple ID?

FAQ about Macs

(FAQ for beginners)

Is Mac Difficult to Get To?
What’s Mac?
What is OS X?
What Is the Difference Between a Mac and a PC?
Which Is Better, Mac or PC?
Which Is Better, Windows or OS X?
Will My Apps Work On a Mac? Will My Documents Open?
Can I Run Windows On a Mac?
Is Mac compatible with PC?
Why Buy Macs?

FAQ about Our Website

Why a certain model or version, or even a device isn't on your list?

Do you think about expanding your Web site and presenting other brands in the feature?

I see a few mistakes or omissions on your site, can I help?




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