iMac – Full information, models, tech specs

The iMac is a series of Apple consumer desktop computers which were introduced by the electronic giant in August 1998 as the new millennium computers, designed with the internet in mind. The iMac was the most original new computer since the original Mac in 1984. It came in a stylish design, with translucent “Bondi Blue” plastics.

The iMac is perhaps the most famous computer, which started out as a colorful unit designed by Apple to re-relaunch itself into the computing market. But it has since evolved, and today it offers the large high-quality widescreen display, a very good space-saving option, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, a Magic Mouse and more (you can opt for a wired Apple Keyboard and/or for a wired Apple Mouse).

The success of iMac allowed Apple to continue targeting the Power Macintosh line at the high-end of the market.

iMac Models and Versions

iMac G5

iMac G5

Next revision, the iMac G5 placed the components behind the display. This version created a slim unified design that tilts up and down on a metal base.

iMac Slim

iMac Slim

The iMac Slim was introduced in 2012. This model is even more thinner, and uses a different display unit, omits the SuperDrive, and uses different production techniques from the older unibody versions. This version was updated for new versions later, being equipped with new Haswell processors and more new features.

iMac Retina

iMac Retina

In 2014, the iMac Retina was announced.

iMac – Full information, models, tech specs

The iMac has evolved through six different forms. All iMacs have included USB, and via the USB port they can use products compatible with both PCs and Macs.

Apple’s use of candy-colored plastics became very popular. These translucent desktop computers inspired many similar designs in other consumer devices.

The original iMac was the first Macintosh computer to have a USB port but no floppy disk drive. Previously, Mac users had to seek out certain hardware with MiniDIN-8 serial ports to work with PCs. Thus from now on hardware makers could make products compatible with both x86 PCs and Macs, using the USB port, USB being a cross-platform.

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Steve Jobs introduces the Original iMac at Apple Special Event (1998). Video uploaded by EverySteveJobsVideo, on December 21, 2012.


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