Getting Started with Siri: Features and More

Today’s technology enables our iPhones to listen to the words we speak, and accomplish tasks. We can also dictate texts instead of typing them using a keyboard. Apple uses Siri as the iPhone and iPad’s voice recognition feature. Siri is pretty easy to use. You’ll need a little practice to figure out the best way give commands, but as Siri always confirms the command you speak, you’ll be able to undo a command before it’s completed..

Getting Started with Siri: Features and More

How to Get Started with Siri

One of the best things about Siri is that you don’t have to train it to work with your voice. Just speak normally, and Siri will understand what you’re saying. You can talk to Siri like you talk to other people, without using any specific kind of phrases.s.

How to Set Up Siri

It is very easy to get started with Siri, as the system is set up by default when you first turn on your device.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Siri and look at the Siri switch. If the switch is Off (it will be white), slide it to On (the switch will then become green).
  • Tap Enable Siri.
  • If you don’t want Siri to activate when you say, “Hey Siri”, you can set the Allow Hey Siri switch to Off. Otherwise turn the switch to On (green color).
  • Now tap Language and swipe up and down the screen to see all the languages Siri can use, and select the language you prefer by tapping it.
  • Tap Siri.
  • Tap Voice Gender and tap the gender of the voice you want Siri to use to speak to you. Note that not all languages support the Gender feature.
  • Tap Siri.
  • Tap Voice Feedback, and Siri will provide you with audible confirmation when you give a command. Now, when you tell Siri a command, she (Siri is a lady, of course!) will repeat the command she thinks you told her, so you know what she is doing without having to look at the screen.
  • If you prefer Siri to always provide you with voice feedback, tap Always. If you want voice feedback when you are operating handsfree mode, tap Handsfree Only, and you’ll only see Siri’s feedback on the screen, which is faster than the voice feedback.
  • Tap Siri.
  • Tap My Info.
  • Go to the Contacts app to find your information. Now Siri will know what name to use when she addresses you.
  • Now you are ready to meet Siri!

A Few Siri-enabled Apps for iOS 10 and Later

Skype for iPhone by Skype Communications SARL – This is Skype’s official app. It’s the way to go for VoIP on the phone, but it’s not much of an aim app.

Viber by Viber Media – A fun and funky app for messaging and calling your family and friends.  The app has become very popular.
PayPal – Send and request money safely by PayPal, Inc. This app allows you to quickly and easily send money to anyone in seconds.

You can also manage your account, get paid, and more.

Between: Relationship App for Couples by VCNC – Using this app, you will always be connected to your partner. Dozens of millions of global users have improved their relationships with this app for couples.

Lark: Personal Weight Loss Coach & Nutritionist by LARK – If you are trying to lose weight, get fit, or live healthier, don’t struggle alone. Lark personal coach will help you lose weight and become your best self. Your Lark coach keeps an eye on your exercise, sleep, and diet, and texts you motivation and advice in the moment, when it’s most helpful. It provides unlimited personal guidance and support.

Shutterstock by Shutterstock Inc. – This app keeps track of your recently viewed images for quick access, and also provides great ways to find something new. Check out featured collections, what’s in the news, or select a specific category. From beauty and fashion to vintage photos, the selection is extensive.

Zenly: Locate your friends in real-time by Zenly –  This is a location sharing app for both friends and family. With Zenly, you can invite the contacts you want, and then you’ll be able to see where everyone is in real-time. This is different from Find My Friends because Zenly works on both iOS and Android, and makes it easy to contact your friends and family directly from within the app.

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App by Skyfit Sports, Inc. – Users can go straight to the particular type of guided workouts they’d like, such as elliptical or indoor cycling. Alternatively, users can choose the monthly curated challenges Aaptiv offers.

Venmo by Venmo – Once the user has an account set up, Venmo can look up your contacts to figure out who is already using the service. Otherwise, the user can invite people. Find the person you want, then input the amount and add a note for what the money is for. Next, send it, and the debt is paid. Never lose track of your debts and loans ever again.


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