Warranty for Your iPhone

Carrying and storing your iPhone safely is largely a matter of common sense, even when like most electronic goods, your smartphone almost certainly comes with a warranty. And to tell the truth, your chances of needing to use that warranty are relatively high, because you are likely to use the device extensively and carry it always with you (well, after all, that’s what Apple designs the iPhone for).

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Warranty, Cleaning and Caring for Your iPhone

Everyone should understand the terms of Warranty and know which action could void it. But before we talk about warranty, let’s suggest a few important tips which will help protect your iPhone from scratches, dings and falls.

First at all, acquire a protective case. A wide variety of cases are available, from svelte-and-stretchy little numbers designed to hug your body during vigorous exercise, to armored cases apparently intended to survive Fast and Furious 10 movie. There are waterproof cases good enough to take swimming, sailing, or even diving.

If the device spends lot of time on your desk or another surface open to children or your pets, or even to moving objects, use a dock or stand to keep it in place. A stand or a dock should also make your iPhone easier to control with one hand (for example, you can use a dock or stand to keep the iPhone upright so you can push its buttons with one hand, when you connect the phone to your stereo via a cable).

Understanding Your Warranty

Even if you don’t sit on your iPhone and even rain or other water doesn’t creep inside the gadget, even if you have never dropped it, the device may still suffer from other problems – anything from critters or debris jamming the Dock Connector port to its flash memory becoming faulty, its memory getting corrupted and its operating system getting scrambled. Perhaps most likely of all is that the battery will lose its potency, either gradually or dramatically. If any of these misfortunes befalls your iPhone, you will probably want to get it repaired under warranty – provided you haven’t voided the warranty by treating your beloved iPhone in a way that breaches its terms.

To find details of whether your iPhone is under warranty, enter your iPhone’s serial number and your country into Apple’s Online Service Agent.

Warranty Terms

As to how understand the warranty terms, most of them are pretty straightforward, but there are some points which are worth noting:

  • First at all, remember to keep your receipt in a safe place.
  • Remember that your iPhone is not covered for damage by liquid. The smartphone contains two Liquid Contact Indicators to enable a technician to tell whether water has bone into the iPhone. One of these indicators is in the headphone port and the other is in the Dock Connector port. The Liquid Contact Indicators turn red when the iPhone gets wet.
  • Remember to make your claim within the warranty period, so if your iPhone fails a day short of a year after you bought it, you will need to make your claim instantly.
  • If your iPhone is currently under warranty, you can buy an AppleCare package for it to extend the warranty. Most extended warranties on electrical products are a waste of money, because the extended warranties largely duplicate your existing rights as a consumer to be sold a product that’s functional and of merchantable quality. But given the attrition rate among hard-used iPhones, AppleCare may be a good idea.
  • Apple can choose whether to repair your iPhone using either new or refurbished parts or to exchange it for another device that’s at least functionally equivalent but may be either new or rebuilt (it may contain used parts). Apple can also refund you the purchase price. Unless you have valuable data on your iPhone, the refund is a great option, because you will be able to get a new iPhone – perhaps even a higher-capacity one.
  • Apple takes no responsibility for getting back any data on your iPhone. This is not surprising because Apple may need to reformat the memory or replace your iPhone altogether. But this means that you must back up your iPhone if it contains data you value that you don’t have copies of elsewhere.

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Warranty Void

Users will void their warranty more or less effortlessly in any of the following easily avoidable ways:

  • If the user damages his or her iPhone deliberately.
  • If the user opened his or her iPhone or had someone other than Apple open the device for the user. This action voids the warranty because the iPhone is designed to be opened only by trained technicians. The only reason to open an iPhone is to replace its battery or replace a component. And remember that users shouldn’t do that themselves unless their iPhone is out of warranty (and out of AppleCare if the user bought AppleCare for it). If the user is tempted to replace a battery, he or she must make sure they know what steps are involved. It is easy to find detailed instructions online, especially in YouTube videos.
  • If the user modifies his or her iPhone. Modifications such as installing higher-capacity memory modifications can immediately void the warranty, too. For example, if the user chooses to trepan the iPhone so as to screw a holder directly onto it, the user would void the warranty (and besides you will also stand a great chance of drilling into something sensitive inside the case).

Clean Your iPhone

To keep your iPhone looking its best, you will need to clean it from time to time. Before doing so, unplug the device to reduce the chance of short disagreements with the basic principles of electricity. Treat the Dock Connector port and headphone port with due care.

What products to choose for cleaning iPhone? Various people recommend different cleaning products, and you will certainly find assorted recommendations on the Web. But unless you are sure the people know what they are talking about, we recommend that you proceed with great care. In particular, avoid any abrasive cleaner that may mar in iPhone’s face-plate or its polished back and sides.

Unless you have dipped your iPhone in anything very unpleasant, you will do best to start with Apple’s recommendation for cleaning iPhones: Simple dampen a soft, lint-free cloth (such as an eyeglass or camera-lens cloth) and wipe the device gently with it.

But if you have scratched your iPhone, you may need to resort to heavier-duty cleaners.


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