Where to Get Your Mac?

It’s a very well known fact that Apple tightly controls distribution of its products, and mostly sells them directly to its customers. Typically, a customer can purchase a Mac shopping online in an Apple Online Store or in an Apple Retail store.

Where to Buy Mac

Apple Online Store

Apple Online Store offers a comprehensive online store. All of current and many discontinued Apple’s product lines are carried as well as select brands of accessories. Customers can also select a range of configuration options and customize their selection to a granular level. These online stores are an increasingly popular way to customize an iDevice and have it delivered directly to your door.

Apple Retail Store

Apple Retail Store (or Apple Store) is a chain of retail stores, a network of hundreds of worldwide stores, owned and operated by Apple Inc. These stores operate in most major cities in the United States and many other countries. Their key advantage to visiting a retail store is that all devices are in display, enabling the customer to get hands-on experience before deciding on a purchase. Apple also has a range of experts on hand in its retail stores to answer questions.

Buying From an Apple Reseller

You can also purchase Apple products from an Apple Authorized Reseller, both online and physical. These resellers have passed stringent quality control from Apple, in offering both high-quality knowledgeable service and efficient after-sales control.

Resellers may offer longer warranties, in a bid to lure customers away from Apple Stores, although fierce price-cutting isn’t a common practice within the Apple retail community. But an Apple reseller sometimes runs special offers, such as free software or hardware with new Mac purchases and so on.

Online Authorized Resellers

Online Authorized Resellers also exist, and their websites are worth checking out before making a final step and making a purchase. Indeed, sometimes you can find there a better deal than you can get directly from Apple.


There are exceptions to the rule. For example, the sellers on eBay, Craiglist and other similar websites are unlikely to Apple Authorized. You may want to be careful about purchasing an Apple product there. Having said that, Apple uses an online system to track products via serial numbers and authorize products for repair.

Mac-Versus-Windows Debate

On of the reasons against purchasing Apple devices over other brands is cost, as Apple makes premium computers and other devices, and thus charges a premium cost. However, when you compare the costs of Apple device to those of Pcs with similar specs, the price is in the same ballpark. It’s just that all Apple computers have high specifications. When an Apple computer almost twice as a PC, upon closer inspection, the superficially similar PC laptop offers a far lower spec and may also offer a lower build quality than a MacBook or another iDevice.

So several good arguments exist for paying the premium Apple charges: build quality, superior integrated hardware, efficient OS, more security against malware, less virus threats, some industry standard software that is unavailable on a PC, as well as very good and easy to use Apple software (such as iPhoto, GarageBand, etc. That is Mac-only.

Well, none of these arguments means much if your budget won’t stretch. What can you do if you really want to own a Mac but simply can’t stretch to the amount that Apple charges? You may qualify for a discount scheme for college students or staff members at any level in an educational establishment. In fact, Apple always offers special discounts.

Or you can simply buy an older model or a secondhand Mac for much less money, as many people are always after the latest models and they are more than happy to sell you their used computer or smartphone. The Apple Resellers may have plenty of old models in stock when a new model is launched, and you can shave one-third of the price off a Mac by buying a previous-generation model.

Picking an older or a secondhand model doesn’t mean at all that you are buying an obsolete device. Apple products are typically stuffed to the brim with the fastest components, they have a healthy life span and will still function admirably. Note that Apple also sells secondhand refurbished models. Even last year’s Mac is technically better than most of this year’s Windows-based PC.


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