Apple Performa Plus Display

The Apple Performa Plus Display was a low-end Goldstar-built 14″ monitor designed and fabricated for the Macintosh Performa series. Apple slightly modified this device to create the Apple Color Plus monitor, which was essentially the Performa Plus Display but in a nicer case. The Apple Color Plus Display also had a tilt & swivel stand.

Apple Performa Plus Display

Introduced in September 14,1992.


  • Tube type: Shadow mask CRT.
  • Tube Size: 14″. 13″ viewable.
  • Resolution: Fixed 640 x 480 pixels. Dot/Pixel Pitch: 0.29 mm. 67 DPI . Resolution Support: 35 kHz Horizontal Scan, 66.7 Hz Vertical Scan.
  • Supported MacOS: 7.0P+ 4.
  • Maximum Display Colors: 16.7 Million.
  • Video cable: Standard Macintosh DA-15 video connector.
  • Power: 85 Watts 3.
  • Dimensions: 12.75 (height) x 13.9 (width) x 14.75 (depth).
  • Weight: 26.0 lb.

Apple Model, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Number: Model M9102LL/D.

Discontinued: July 18, 1994.

Price: US$400.


  • The Performa Plus Display could work at as few as 16 colors on the early Macs and LC models to as many as 16.7 million colors with some of the Quadras and Power Macintosh. In fact, this monitor and the Apple Color Plus Display could work with every Mac with a DB-15 15 pin display port.
  • The Apple Color Plus monitor was the same Performa Plus Display but in a nicer case. The Apple Color Plus display also had a tilt & swivel stand.


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